Philadelphia Church of God Members Experience Hurricane Sandy

NEW JERSEY, PHILADELPHIA CHURCH OF GOD—PCG members throughout the northeast United States felt the impact of Hurricane Sandy in late October. The New England and mid-Atlantic states were hit the hardest by the storm.

Sandy, a rare hybrid of three different storms, was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, with a 1,100-mile diameter. The hurricane hit the Caribbean on October 24 and slammed into the New York area on October 29 before dissipating two days later.

Church members in the Northeast began to experience high wind and rain from Sandy starting on October 28. Wind speeds and rain increased the next day, and the storm made landfall in southern New Jersey that night with winds as high as 90 mph and dumping almost a foot of rain in some places.

The “storm of the century” caused major flooding, power outages, tree damage and deaths. A couple feet of snow were also dropped in parts of West Virginia and Virginia.

“It is clear God protected His brethren,” Pastor Cal Culpepper, the director of the region, said. Mr. Culpepper reported that none of the brethren were injured in the storm. One member’s home in New York City was partially flooded, and a couple others lost shingles from their roofs. That was the extent of property damage Church members experienced.

The major impact of the storm has been in the power and gasoline outages. “Amazingly, only one family out of all our New England brethren experienced a long power outage,” Mr. Culpepper said.

However, the situation in New Jersey has been worse. About a third of the North Jersey congregation lost power. Many waited five to seven days for the power to come back on. As of November 5, a few members still do not have power. More than 1 million people were still without power as of November 5. Power outages at work places have also prevented some hourly-employed members from working.

Mr. Culpepper reported that the local congregation was still able to have services the Saturday after the storm.

The power outages caused gasoline shortages throughout the area, affecting residents’ ability to drive. Stations without power are unable to sell gas. Many of the gas stations that do have power are out of gasoline or continue to have long lines of cars waiting to fill up.

Cold temperatures in the wake of the storm are also a concern, and a nor’easter moving toward the area could hamper recovery efforts.

“Considering the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy throughout the U.S. Northeast, it is clear God protected the brethren, even while this nation continues to be cursed,” Mr. Culpepper said. “Please continue to pray for the brethren who are without power.”

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26 thoughts on “Philadelphia Church of God Members Experience Hurricane Sandy

  1. I read Numbers 23: 19 today and then I read this. I know that God, He is God. He will always provide a place of refuge for His own. May He have mercy and extend that protection to me too: when you read this, please pray to the Father for me so that through His mercies I also will join His flock

  2. So good to know all are well!
    Please remember Psalm 91 for these coming times of trial.
    Take a look and keep it in your hearts.
    Love to you all who are my family in Elohim.

  3. I just found this & been pensive and heavily concerned for Gods people there. Knew He’d look after all of you but still felt that ‘sick’ feeling when you don’t hear anything for a bit. Thank you for posting this very important update. Satans wrath is gathering more momentum to where he’s going to strike. Perhaps that was the tip of this “Titanic” we call America! My prayer is for you all, JSFCR

  4. While watching the news yesterday after the Nor’easter had passed and left 8 or more inches of snow in the already hard hit area of Southern CT They interviewed people for their reaction and one lady asked “What did I do wrong?” Maybe it is starting to sink in that sin is the cause for the calamities.

  5. I am also grateful for this update. The news of Sandy was so devasting. I wondered about the brethren in that area. I’m so grateful that the PCG News keeps us informed when major events like this happen and how the brethren are doing in the specific areas effected so greatly.

  6. Thank you for the update about Hurricane Sandy. We will continue to pray for the Brethren that were affected by this storm.

  7. Thank you for the update. I have been wondering how the brethren faired that terrible storm. I am thankful to God for keeping them safe. I will continue to keep them in my prayers.

  8. Thanks for this article! The status and safety of the brethren are in our prayers, this has been a great answer to them! Let us continue to pray for His protection – for the shaking of the nations is among us and the count down has commenced!

  9. God watches out for his people! In spite of all that happens god is always looking out for them. The nations of Israel will continue to suffer but eventually to a good end when Christ returns to build a great nation from them. One that will never again need such harsh correction as it is on the brink of receiving.
    This storm was so large that we had high winds and downpours in Maine. Fortunately though we did not lose power for more than a second or two.

    • I agree with your comment that we have a loving, merciful God who protects His people and who listens to our prayers. Let us continue to pray fervently to our Great God always, without ceasing (1 Th 5:17).

  10. Thanks for the update. With the few details I hear on the news outlets that are not about the elections I was wondering how the brethren in that area were doing and if they came out of the storm okay. Reminded me of the tornados that went around the campus and school in Edmond. Thank God for protecting the members but we can see the testing of our faith is being pushed to its limits with each passing storm. May God continue to protect you all and may you stay faithful and content with what he has giving you.

  11. thank you for sharing this wonders of protection Our father did for his begotten family, we surely will continue to pray for the brethren. How encouraging it is to hear these witness from a RD as we witness on TV the disaster Sandy brough upon Manasah, true the curse are becoming louder and harder , but God will surely take care of his begotten family , AND I AM EXTENDING MILLIONS TIMES GRATITUDE FOR HIS PROTECTIVE MIRACLE ON BRETHREN BEHALF.

    • Amen, believe and have faith. We are so thankful to hear the good news of all the brethren round the earth and how the Father protects each of us and helps us continue His great and marvelous Work. So blessed the first fruits are to have his enormous faith and hope to see us through all that is coming to pass. Keep looking to the big event just ahead!
      Our prayer’s are with you all, thank you for yours.

  12. As God protects the birds against storms, so will He protect His Firstfruits. We should continue praying for everyone’s safety. The closer we get to the end, the more miracles we will see happening right before our eyes.

  13. We expected to be one of those families to experience a weeks worth of lack of power – but fortunately we only expierienced a couple of electrical glitches and other than that kept our power – Sweet – I know who to thank for that…

    • To all the bretheren in the NE, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Happy to hear you all are safe. Hopefully, this punishment has opened the eyes of some stubborn Israelites, and they will see this disaster, not as a weather event, but as yet another merciful warning and correction from God the Almighty.

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