The Plain Truth About the Trinity Doctrine

The traditional teaching of Christianity is that God is a trinity. Did you know that this doctrine isn’t found anywhere in the Bible?

By Herbert W. Armstrong
(excerpt from Chapter 1 of Mystery of the Ages)

Notice Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning God ….” This originally was written by Moses as God inspired him. Moses wrote in Hebrew. The Hebrew word translated “God” is Elohim—a noun or name, plural in form, but normally singular in grammatical usage. It is the same sort of word as family, church, group—one family consisting of two or more members—one church composed of many members—one group of several persons.

It is referring to precisely the same Persons, making up or composing the one God, as we found in John 1:1—the Word and God—and each of those two Persons is God.

In other words God is now a Family of Persons, composed so far of only the two—God the Father and Christ the Son. But if the Holy Spirit of God dwells in someone, and he is being led by God’s Spirit, then he is a begotten son of God (Romans 8:14). But, at the time of Christ’s return to Earth in supreme power and glory to set up the Kingdom of God, restoring the government of God, abolished by Lucifer, then all being filled and led by God’s Spirit shall become born sons of God. The God Family will then rule all nations with the government of God restored!

The Trinity doctrine limits God to a supposed three Persons. It destroys the very gospel of Jesus Christ! His gospel is the good news of the now soon-coming Kingdom of God—the only hope of this world and its mixed-up mankind!

The trinity doctrine, by contrast, is the doctrine of the great false religion called in Revelation 17:5: “Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.”

By that doctrine, along with others, Satan has deceived all traditional Christianity.

The Trinity Doctrine

The generally accepted teaching of traditional Christianity is that God is a trinity—God in three Persons—Father, Son and Holy Spirit (which is often called a “Ghost”). How did this “trinity” doctrine enter traditional Christianity?

It most emphatically did not come from the Bible. Revelation 12:9 says that all nations have been deceived by Satan the devil. How, then, did the wily Satan introduce this doctrine into “Christianity”?

The history of this question is interesting. It seems incredible that a being like Satan not only could have deceived the whole world, but also “Christianity”—the very religion bearing Christ’s name and supposed to be His true religion. Yet, paradoxically, Satan did!

He did it through his great false church, started a.d. 33 by Simon the Sorcerer, described in the 8th chapter of the book of Acts as the leader of the Babylonian mystery religion in Samaria. It is recorded in 2 Kings 17:23-24 that Shalmaneser, king of Assyria, who had invaded and conquered the northern kingdom—the kingdom of Israel—moved the people out of their land of Samaria, north of Jerusalem, and moved into that land people of the Babylonish mystery religion from the provinces of Babylon. They were, of course, Gentiles. They inhabited this area of northern Palestine in the time of Christ. The Jews of Judea in Christ’s time would have nothing to do with them, calling them contemptuously “dogs.” They still adhered to this pagan Babylonish mystery religion in the first century.

In a.d. 33, two years after Jesus Christ from heaven founded the Church of God on that day of Pentecost, the deacon Philip, who later became an evangelist, went down to Samaria and preached Christ’s gospel. This Simon the sorcerer came with the crowd to hear him.

Simon had bewitched the people of that country, and they followed him as their leader in the Babylonian mystery religion “from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God” (Acts 8:10).

When the people believed Philip, preaching the Kingdom of God, they were baptized, and this Simon managed to be baptized with them.

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15 thoughts on “The Plain Truth About the Trinity Doctrine

  1. I’m a little slow in understanding the false “Trinity”, because I know God is unlimited in His power.. Please give me a deeper understanding of this? I understand God is reproducing Himself in us, and I’m slowly understanding prophecy, so your answer to this question about leaving my church should be yes, because I know what’s being preached is wrong and its pagan. Since I’m learning the true Word of God, should I tell my church, and should I tell them that Easter, Christmas, etc., are pagan or Two Babylon Church talked about Revelation?

    • Mr. Thomas,
      May I suggest you send an e-mail to one of the columnists and seek some communication about the subject. It is most likely to create conflict discussing traditional culture with those not being enlightened by God. It can be discouraging to be criticized by others who really just don’t understand; but will defend their traditions ardently.

  2. I agree, BUT, I don’t understand how having ’3′ limits the God family. If ’2′ doesn’t limit the God family, then how come ’3′ would, especially knowing that someday the God family will consist of millions?

  3. I was brought up in a church that taught the trinity and it has never made sense to me…you are correct Becky, God’s truth is so simple and so clear.

  4. Ever notice how almost all false religions fall for that same lie of the old serpent, “and ye shall be as gods.” We see it with the Mormon teaching that God was once just a man and that as a man you can someday be a God. Here we see it with the rejection of the Trinity and the teaching that you too can be a God just like Jesus. Certainly this is “another gospel” that Paul warned about.

  5. If Mr. Armstrong were here I would hug & kiss Him & his wife Loma for all the sacrfice & dedication & for suffering much persecution right within Gods church. They suffered so much living 28 years in poverty. Then losing thier son Dick in a terrible car accident & having to put Garner ted out. that would of been so hard because for sure Herbert W. Armstrong figuratively buried him. Oh for the Day When the world Tomorrow is here!! Thank God for revealing this truth to bilions!!

  6. Trinity is a doctrine of confusion. Elohim is a God of love and order. This is a mystery unveiled by Mr. Armstrong. Thanks for publishing it!

    • I totally agree about it being confusing. It was one of the most confusing things I ever accepted in the world church that I had been in before being called. The trinity teaching was very hard to let go of as well because the human explanation of it and the deceit of Satan was so deeply embedded in my mind. But God has released me and all of His called and chosen so that we no longer are held in bondage to Satan’s deceits any longer. Soon all the world will experience freedom from the deceptions of the enemy of God and all mankind.

  7. The trinity doctrine doesn’t really offer anything of substance. Instead of a convoluted and puzzling hypothesis, the truth is much more promising and enduring in that God is a family and the Holy Spirit is his power and the means of projecting His will, the essence of His mind.

  8. when we follow God’s teaching there can be no confusion.
    It is when we become/follow the “simon magnus’s” of the world that
    everything will go satan’s way.
    Remember what Mr. Fllurry has taught us, “follow no man”
    Keep close to the “trunk of the tree” and you will not be deceived.

  9. What an eye opener this is. God’s truth is so simple. Unlike the trinity doctrine. Nice to know how easy God’s Plain Truth is.

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