When Was Christ Born?

By Wayne Turgeon

We are quickly approaching the biggest holiday of the year—Christmas. This event is of indisputably pagan origin. December 25 is traditionally used by both ancient and modern Gentiles to worship the “birth” of their sun god. Now we would briefly like to present proof that Jesus Christ was definitely not born on December 25, but instead, sometime in the autumn.

There is much evidence available on this subject; but after the dust of studious research has cleared, the exact date of Christ’s birth still does not appear. One is left with the impression that God does not want people to celebrate such an occasion!

A strong case for thinking that the season of Christ’s birth most likely occurred in the autumn appears in Luke 2:8. Here we see that the sheep were still out in the fields at night. Some scholars argue that this refers to temple sheep, but that is not what this scripture states. Historically, winters were more severe in the land of Palestine than they are today, with frequent heavy snowfall not uncommon. Flocks were traditionally kept in various forms of shelters from about mid-October to mid-March.

Clarke’s Commentary stated about this verse: “It was a custom among the Jews to send out their sheep to the deserts, about the passover, and bring them home at the commencement of the first rain: during the time they were out, the shepherds watched them night and day. As the passover occurred in the spring, and the first rain began early in the month of Marchesvan, which answers to part of our October and November, we find that the sheep were kept out in the open country during the whole of the summer. And as these shepherds had not yet brought home their flocks, it is a presumptive argument that October had not yet commenced, and that, consequently, our Lord was not born on the 25th of December, when no flocks would be out in the fields; nor could He have been born later than September, as the flocks were still in the fields by night. On this very ground the nativity in December should be given up. The feeding of the flocks by night in the fields is a chronological fact, which casts considerable light upon this disputed point …. The time in which Christ was born has been considered a subject of great importance among Christians. However, the matter has been considered of no moment by Him who inspired the evangelists; as not one hint is dropped on the subject, by which it might be possible even to guess nearly to the time, except the chronological fact mentioned above.”

Another piece to the puzzle is the fact that John the Baptist was six months older than his cousin Jesus (see Luke 1:26-27, 36). Biblical evidence tells us that John was conceived about mid-June and was therefore born in late March. Why? Because John’s father, Zacharias, was serving in the temple during the priestly course of Abia, or as it is referred in the Old Testament, Abijah (1 Chronicles 24:10), when the angel appeared to him to bring him the great news of his son’s arrival (Luke 1:5). (This is worth a study of and by itself. When sequencing these courses, the priests would serve a common course with the other priests in addition to their own during the holy day seasons.) Add six months to this time and Jesus’ birth must have occurred in mid-September, or at least sometime in early autumn.

Further support for this assertion is that Jerusalem and the surrounding towns were very crowded with visitors at the time that Jesus was born—His parents had to take refuge in a stable for there was no room at the inn. Scholars who do not know about (or believe in) God’s master plan as portrayed by His annual holy days, attribute this mass gathering solely for the purpose of collecting taxes after the fall harvest. What they are missing is that many people filled Jerusalem at the time of the fall holy day season. These autumn festivals took place in the seventh month of the sacred year (Leviticus 23), corresponding to our September-October. Luke 2:41 and John 7:1-10 show that it was the custom for Jesus’ parents to travel from Nazareth to Jerusalem for this sacred gathering.

These are just a few of the convincing proofs that Jesus was born sometime in the early autumn, not in the dead of winter.

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31 thoughts on “When Was Christ Born?

  1. It is so surprising when you can look up anywhere “Is Christmas man Made” and the first sites that come up are sites that say it is. Thank you Mr. Turgeon for shedding light on this subject in such a dark world.

  2. Great Article Mr Turgeon ,I can’t wait for this Pagan time of year to be over with .I get tired of hearing merry christmas over and over again from people .

  3. Thank you for another timely and informative article Mr Turgeon.
    Looking forward to cancelling Christmas and celebrating God’s meaningful holy days with the world!

  4. Thanks Sir! Beyond helpful – fire for the battle!
    The point made concerning the fact that Jesus nor the Apostles placed any readily emphasis on the subject shows more the fact that the emphasis is given to it by man. Therefore showing that Christmas is a man made tradition.

  5. Thank you Mr. Turgeon for the timely and educational article. One does not even need to go on an in-depth study to prove the time of Christ birth. Just these few example explains everything.

  6. Thanks, I love these articles, I read them every year along with ‘The Plain Truth About Christmas’. It’s my “Christmas” tradition. :-)

  7. Thank you Mr. Turgeon for this article.
    It is sad when men follow their own devices and do not take the time to search God’s Word or listen/read with an open mind to gather the truth, but just want to go along with this get, give me, generation.
    Can you see a God of Love just choosing a particular day of the year to give or rather to receive, receive,receive.
    Sounds like satan to me. They say this time of the year is one of the “saddest” times of the year especially for the poor or those who are alone. Does this sound like the way God would do something.
    And if this day was so important, why do we not see Christ and the disciples in the Gospels celebrating this day.
    Man has allowed the “great hoare” that rides the “beast power” to completely brain wash them while all of the time they are filling their coffers there surronded with their Swiss soldiers armed for war. Does not sound like God to me. Strange they have so much to “hide”. But thankfully all evil will be destroyed “very” soon, inside and outside of God’s Church and we can look forward to New Jerusalem with peace, joy and happiness, God’s laws and Goverment and God has our Head, and the whole world will know the truth and be able to live it, with satan and his cronies all put away..
    Thank you for taking time to remind us of these pagan celebrations

  8. Mar 7:9 And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.
    42+ Yrs ago when I read this shocking revelation, I threw away the Tree and atifacts in total disgust, Thanks for reminding us.

  9. A truth I have known for years prior to coming into God’s church. I tried to explain this to my family but they still argued! Grateful I follow the truth!

  10. Thank You Mr. Turgeon, Great Education. Only If the majority of people will read with an open mind and understand but in stead they are all following the crowd and not bothering to ask a question…and some will argue Satan is not the God of this world. Without God’s Spirit they are blind.
    Thank you once again.

  11. The truth about the origins of Halloween, Easter, and Christmas don’t seem to register much with most people even when they learn of the facts. Typically, they will acknowledge their pagan origins but simply state they’re not observing them now in a pagan way. Rather, feel they are bringing Christ into their observance, therefore nullifying the pagan origins.

    • The pagan origins are placed there by Man. They are Mens Traditions, to void the Word Of God. Christ Jesus Himself has or had nothing to do with these Pagan Rituals. They were put in place by the Roman Catholic Church. God never told anyone that these are His Holy Days. The Holy Days are Passover, Feast of Tabernacles , Day of AT-ONE-Ment (atonement), and there is one more but i dont remember which that is. The psuedo-Christianity teaches false doctrines. They teach what was satans deception to Eve, the Immortality of Men. They teach that an apple was the cause of Eves deception. That is a LIE. They teach that its womens fault, but Mother Eve was deceived subtily while Adamdecided to Disobey God Plainly. In other words, Adam chose to defiantly disobey GODS direct command.

      Your friend in Christ,


  12. It does sound a lot more realistic that He was probably born in the Fall or a nicer time of year than the dead of winter. Thank You for your continual encouragement & reminder to go back & prove all things & repeatedly reveiw what our convictions are after all who wants to be worshipping the Sun god Instead it would be nice to have relationship with The Son Of God & God the Father, especially as this world is accelertaing into chaos, would that be our only saving hope?

  13. Very good. Timing and article. Not bragging although I have studied this and Knew this already that Christ Jesus being born in September and John being 6 months old in the womb of his mother Elizabeth when Mary ran over to tell Elizabeth about conceiving Jesus. And John leapt as the Holy Spirit of God entered with Mary as she came to see her Cousin Elizabeth. but there are people that didnt know . so its right. and very important to know and to understand Gods Word. Thank you for your article.

    Your friend in Christ.

  14. People give importance to the supposed date of the birth of Christ. They follow a tradition that has no meaning. But they do not understand why God gives more importance to the observance of His death.

    • oh they will know soon. the majority of people dont understand because they are not taught the Word Properly, with the Strong”s Concordance, The Companion Bible, and a pastor that teaches in the format of chapter by chapter and verse by verse. Here alittle, there alittle,etc. Most people that do attend churches that do not teach the Gospel as Jesus Taught it. Many are misled. Sad state of affairs, since God sent His letter so that we may know Him and His ways of “Give” or of “love” But soon everyone shall finally be taught correctly. Its only a matter of time.

      Your friend in Christ,

      • Few understand that we are not saved by the death of Christ. We are reconciled to God the Father by Jesus’ death We are saved by His Life. (Romans 5:10)

        Your friend in Christ,


        • Elsie Agustin ~ I am not saying this to upset you or anyone, but I am so curious as to where you learned that the death of Christ Jesus was of more importance than His Resurrection Back to Life?

          It cant have been out of the bible. because Romans 5:10 proves that His Life IS of more Importance. Because He LIVES still. His death just made it more possible to reconcile to the Father, by reconciling by giving us the gift of HIM washing away past sins on Repentance. And thusly all the times we fall short of not being as Perfect as He Is, that Is all we need to do whenever we sin. Repenting is one of the beautiful things of being Christian. There is No more need to ask to be “saved” again, that would be a horrific thing to ask of Our Savior, Once is more than enough. He wants us to repent every time we fall short. There is no more need to be “saved” again. There is No reason to Re-cruxify Christ. Sometimes when I see the cross in any Roman Catholic Icons its shows that Christ Jesus is still on the cross, AND HE IS NOT there on that cross any more. He LIVES! PRAISE FATHER GOD , HE STILL LIVES, that is what Passover is all about. Not Easter. Easter is a Pagan Ritual. Passover is Christian. NO quick as a bunny, fertilility rite. That is an abomination to GOD!

  15. Great article Mr. Turgeon! Appreciate all the points given on when Christ was actually born. As was said in the other reply, this is a perfect time for this article.

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