PCG Ministers From Around the World Gather for Conference

EDMOND—Philadelphia Church of God ministers commenced the first day of the 2012 ministerial conference this morning at Armstrong Auditorium. A total of 119 ministers and wives from 12 countries completed their first eight-hour day of lectures, starting with a lecture from Pastor General Gerald Flurry.

The group includes four more ministers and wives than the last conference in July 2011. Thirty-three are from the headquarters congregation and 87 hail from beyond Edmond, including internationals representing the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa and Trinidad & Tobago. Three of the international men are attending their first conference.

The entire compliment of ministers arriving by car and plane did so without delays or incidents due to what was predicted to be a major winter storm, with Oklahoma City as a bulls-eye. Aside from cold temperatures and a dusting of snow, the weather allowed for safe travel and a smooth start to the event—on a chilly but dry day that left area meteorologists having to defend forecasts that had gone “bust.”

MinCon 2012 continues through January 1.


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21 thoughts on “PCG Ministers From Around the World Gather for Conference

  1. Welcome to Edmond all, and thank God for all the education He is giving His ministry, and giving us, the body through you! :)

  2. I thank our heavenly Father and Lord Jesus for the safely arrival of all His ministers and their wives for the conference. This is indeed the most important, noble and royal conference on the face of the whole Earth. For this is the gathering of the Kings and Queens of the spiritual House of David. As the problems and dangers in this world is intensifying, I pray that God of our father(Herbert W. Armstrong) grant all His Ministers the FAITH, COURAGE, BOLDNESS and FEARLESSNESS needed to face this world and finish His great end-time urgent work—even as He gave Apostle Peter, Paul and Polycarp.
    My most humblest and heartfelt greetings to our king; the very one that sit on the spiritual THRONE OF DAVID—THE THRONE OF JESUS CHRIST over the spiritual house of Israel: GERALD FLURRY! You all are in my fervent prayers.

  3. And Satan rrrreally believed he could thwart Gods conference? BWAAHAAAHAAA! We already know He’s going to clear paths for His most precious leaders of the universe! I can’t wait & hope & pray I am returned to Gods fold to hear some of the truly MAGNIFICENT revelation that flows throughout the rest of the body. Even those of us temporarily out receive miracles where this is concerned. was listening to a sermon by Mr Armstrong and he declared a “worldwide fast” at that time. I took it as a sign to do so myself! God hears ALL our prayers. Much love and prayers from the sideline for continued success that we know …. will indeed be heard :-) Love JS

  4. We all are excited to hear the Messages from the Ministry that were inspired and revealed by God through this Ministerial Conference. =) We’ll continue to pray for the Ministers/Wives safe arrival on their respective places. Thanks be to God.

  5. The Ezekiel chariots have travel from the northren sky to the Earthly HQ in Edmond oklahoma at God house(for one whole week, this is awsome honor and news ), it only left me with dozens of WOW and a heart full of thanks giving to a beloved Father and a Lord Jesus, whe is soo involved with this work. He is sharing His mind with His ministers, and really for the benefit of the world wide work.
    let the waters above still , let the whole earth sillent , the Eternal is at His house for a succesfull ministerial conference.
    i do wish all the minister an inspiring and spiritual uplifting and succesfull conference, the best ever is all their experience . WOW gentelment WOW.

    thank you for this news, this is really news.
    Love from the caribbean part of God global work

  6. What a miracle but not astonishing for God takes good care of His people in great detail. For the ministers: (and the workers who make this Conference possible) may our heavenly FATHER pour His joy and blessings upon you.

  7. This is the most inspiring gathering in a time like this.
    God Almighty grant our ministers the courage and continual conviction for good Work.
    It’s great doing God’s Daily.
    Wishing you all the very best………….

  8. I am very happy to hear and read about the weather change that took place in Oklahoma that allowed God’s ministers and their wives arrive safely there!
    I pray daily for the most successful ministerial conference ever. I pray that all of you remain a 100% focussed on the conference, leaving everything else to God Almighty to take care of. I am sure God will indeed NOT let down any of His faithful servants.
    May God strengthen and bless you all!

  9. Nuestras oraciones han sido contestadas. Gloria a Dios por su poder. Seguiremos orando para que la Conferencia sea un éxito y que Dios continue dando protección en toda la Sede y que puedan regresar a sus casas sin ningun problema.

  10. So good to see you all settled in & cozy! Now there is a familiar face!…. (and some familiar backs of heads)…. (o: So exciting, knowing that you all will be bringing priceless treasure home to share….may it flow profusly! Enjoy!

  11. How extremely faith building watching God move! What a miracle! May we glorify God as we witness His power and might! I’m so thankful to Him for the answered prayers! Continued prayers for the safe travel home of all of the ministry and wives and GREAT inspiration in the messages.

  12. We are so thankful to our Father for His protection for you all. We look forward to all Christ has to teach us when you get back to the field!

  13. How Exciting that God the Father has heard our fasting & prayers for the safe arrival & tremendous blessing of the revelation He gives through That Prophet & Apostle & to understand more in depths the simon Magus Movement & how people have attempted to destroy the truth of God through the ages. Obviously Satan is angry at the new revelation because Oklahoma is just being pounded with snow & even the 21 car pile up shows some of his infuriation. God speed the day when His Kingdom is here & all deception is gone & all tears pass away & every human being is givien an opportunity to be in His family. We ache for that time!!

    • Yes indeed thankful for all your safety and peace of mind, you have all joined together for the revealing prophecies and of Christ’s leadership (Government) as Revelation is unvailed from the Father, to feed His sheep and lambs.
      Sincerely Greatings to, Paster General Mr. Gerald Flurry and Ministry/wives.

  14. We will continue to pray for the success of the Ministerial Conference. What a blessing it was that God held off the bad weather until all the Ministers and their wives arrived. We will pray that everyone has a safe trip home, and that God will hold off any other terrible weather until everyone gets home safely.

  15. “HOT OFF THE PRESS!” Our Love & Prayers are with You All, as this is destined to be the “GREATEST & MOST MEMORABLE MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE OF YOUR LIVES!”
    We are anticipating every word, upon your return, out in the field! May the Eternal be with you.

    • All one Body in living faith; Agape’
      We treasure His Words to live by, a more sure prophecy than
      ever before :-) Our prayer’s are with you all in the Family of God.
      And those that would hear the Trumpet sounding an urgent warning,
      a call to repentance! The Work of God is so blessed to have this Leadership.
      Thank you for all things; in loving guidence and correction in growing
      the righteous character of our Father and Jesus Christ.

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