Why You Must Remember John Amos

By Gareth Fraser

“John Amos has just achieved the greatest success attainable on Earth!” wrote editor in chief Gerald Flurry on the cover of the June 1993 Philadelphia News. The article recounted the biblical promises to those who die “in the faith,” such as this man born in 1929.

Who was John Amos, you ask?

For one, he was the second Philadelphia Trumpet writer. In that first edition, John Amos contributed an informative article and thereafter served as a contributor and executive editor.

His career experience as a broadcast enthusiast, student of Hollywood High, World War ii radio operator, radio show host and voice-over specialist in the dominant Southern California market, coupled with his service under Herbert W. Armstrong’s direction in media sales for The World Tomorrow, headquartered from Pasadena, and role as longtime minister of the Worldwide Church of God, well positioned him for any contribution he would make to the genesis of the Trumpet magazine’s sponsor.

A simple search of theTrumpet.com will return numerous references to Mr. Amos and his supportive encouragement and leadership to its founder in our earliest days. “When an early draft of the book was brought to the attention of wcg leadership in Pasadena, California, Gerald Flurry and his assistant, John Amos, were fired from their positions as wcg ministers,” recounts the introduction to Malachi’s Message.

“John Amos and I were disfellowshiped in late 1989 for seriously questioning the wcg leaders’ doctrinal changes away from what Mr. Armstrong taught, and for believing what was later printed as Malachi’s Message,” Mr. Flurry went on to detail.

That historic night of Dec. 7, 1989, saw the pair staunchly defend the contents of Mr. Armstrong’s final book, Mystery of the Ages.

Regular readers may be familiar with the out-of-court victory of this website’s sponsor against the cadre of leaders bent on burying the legacy of Mr. Armstrong. That victory has its small beginning that fateful night when two men stood together shoulder to shoulder on the Ambassador College campus, in defense of the legacy of its founder and internationally recognized ambassador for world peace.

A pinnacle spiritual lesson for us to learn from this venerated Trumpet writer was pinpointed in our hope-filled booklet Isaiah’s End-Time Vision. “John Amos followed [God's] government from the beginning. We were two nobodies in the ministry, and yet he never argued over who was in charge. He was one nobody submitting to another nobody! That is to his eternal credit, and it demonstrates that we had the government of God right at the start.”

On the first Sabbath of the Philadelphia Church of God in December 1989, Mr. Amos, his wife, son and daughter made up four of the original 12 members.

Those familiar with the dulcet tones of Hollywood narrator Art Gilmore, the longtime voice-over talent of The World Tomorrow, were struck with a voice reminiscent of him when Mr. Amos assumed voice-over responsibilities in 1992 for Mr. Flurry’s radio program, God’s Future World, later renamed the Key of David. Mr. Amos remained the supportive voice of the program, and contributing writer to the Philadelphia Trumpet and the Philadelphia News until his sudden death in 1993, after extensive travel throughout Canada and the Northwest U.S., both of which he was pastor over.

Mr. Amos died before the establishment of Herbert W. Armstrong College, Imperial Academy, theTrumpet.com, Royal Vision magazine and the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation, the miraculous out-of-court victory over Mystery of the Ages, and the construction of Armstrong Auditorium.

On a personal level, he died before I could ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage, which was honorably granted to me in 1994 by his wife, Helen. He never saw his daughter, Andrea, walk down the aisle and be given away at our wedding by his son, Ethan. He died before seeing the birth of his grandchildren. And since his death, in our hallway at home hangs his picture and that Philadelphia News article honoring his memory as a perpetual reminder to me, my wife and our children of his loyalty, sacrifice, service and death.

Today at the hub of Herbert W. Armstrong College life is the first building constructed, named the John Amos Field House. Students, faculty, ministry, members and visitors alike eat, enjoy sports, dances, classes and other associated activities in this structure bearing his name as a reminder of his example.

That same Philadelphia News article cited 1 Corinthians 15:50-54 and Isaiah 25:3-4, 7-8 before concluding, “Mr. Amos was your friend. He was my friend. But more importantly he was God’s friend! ‘Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints’ (Psalm 116:15). Men and God have different views of death. To God Mr. Amos’s death was precious. There is now another son ready to be born into God’s Family. This means so very much to our spiritual Father! He is in the business of building a family.

“During such a sobering time we urgently need God’s perspective. A great man has just died in Israel. He has now qualified for the most exalted job in God’s Family–the Bride of Christ. Very soon, we shall all be reunited to serve together for all eternity.”

And finally, in his booklet Who Is ‘That Prophet’?, Mr. Flurry fittingly remembered his loyal friend and confidant: “Mr. Amos has these words written on his gravestone: ‘To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne’ (Revelation 3:21). I know Mr. Amos is going to be there with Christ on that throne. Will we be there with him?”

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39 thoughts on “Why You Must Remember John Amos

  1. John and I were friends in the late 60′s and early 70′s in the Phoenix WCG. He was a good example then, surely more so after we lost touch, when I moved. He was an avid supporter of youth activities. We camped with the boys up in Camp Verde territory. I always liked him, he was without offense, a good friend, and a true leader.

  2. Thank you Mr Fraser i have been waiting sometime for an article like this. Thrilled and happy to see this from you.!!

  3. Thoughtful article about your Father-in-law, Mr. Fraser :) It makes me think about all the wonders we are seeing and living through and the stories we’ll have to tell! All the more reason to keep focused on God’s plan.

  4. Thank you Mr. Fraser for the article on Mr. Amos. He truly was a great example. I have a special memory of Mr. Amos. My mother (died in the faith in 2006) and I started attending the PCG on June 2, 1990. We were thrilled to be attending the PCG (we had our first love in the WCG in 1966 and another first love in the PCG). June 3rd was Pentecost. Mr. and Mrs. Wil Malone’s family went to Edmond and Mr. and Mrs. Amos came to St. Louis for the Holy Day weekend. It was wonderful to meet him and his wife.

  5. I pray that none of us will die having not qualified for the Kingdom. May the Father
    grant us all this. Amen. Thank you!

  6. I have such deep respect and love for Mr. Amos. He was my minister in the WCG while I was attending college at N. Arizona University, and baptized me in March of 1980. The attention and loving concern that he showed toward me will be forever remembered. I looked to him as a spiritual father figure and greatly look forward to the day when I will see him again! Thank you, Mr. Fraser, for helping the brethren remember your father-in-law. He was a very special man that honored God by supporting His prophet.

  7. Thank you very much for your article. I knew little about Mr. John Amos. This article gives me more of an understanding of who he was and what he did. He gave us a great example of faith & obedience.

  8. Thank you for this article Mr. Fraser! Being a young person in the Church I was not able to witness a lot of this history, it is great getting to hear it now, especially from a personal perspective. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Thank you for this reminder of a great man. Willingly serving under God’s Government for the rebuilding of God’s Church. Not vaunting himself but happy to serve under Mr Gerald Flurry whom he must have recognised as being the Lords end time prophet.

  10. I was called out of the world, not the worldwide church of God. But I hunger to know more of the brethren and the history of God’s church, and this is an important piece of memorial for recognizing a wonderful, dedicated brother whom had the faith to break away from a peoples who no longer followed Christ in faith. It is an honor to know more personally about Mr. Amos.
    Thank-you for your heart to share this knowledge Mr. Fraser

  11. My husband and I finally were shown where Christ was and started attending PCG in 2000. I had always heard and read about John Amos and had wondered what he was like. Thank you for sharing. You have filled in a blank to my PCG knowledge and have given me much joy.

  12. Honoring Mr. John Amos
    Thank you Mr. Fraser for reminding us how much Mr. Amos should mean to us. I want to let you know how much he means to me even though I never met him by remembering him every year at The Feast of Tabernacles in his honor at “The John Amos Golf Classic”. I understand he was an avid golfer who loved the scenery of the courses as much as the game. The John Amos Golf Classic was started the year he died. It was started by a young man that had played golf with Mr. Amos many times and started it in his honor.That young man left the church and I felt it was necessary to continue to honor Mr. Amos in this way. So taking on the task of setting up the tournament every year seemed the natural thing to do. When the church began to build God’s House, we made the tournament into a fund raiser in Mr. Amos’ honor. I haven’t kept accurate records but believe we have raised about $3500 so far in the few years we have been doing it that way. We will continue to remember Mr. Amos and honor him again this year at the Sawgrass Feast Site in Florida. It will be a fund raiser again until God’s House is paid for. If you are going to Florida for the Feast, help us make this the best fund raiser yet by joining us at the 20th Annual John Amos Golf Classic.

  13. I never realized gifted how gifted Mr. Amos was and how much he contributed to the work. He was a remarkable living sacrifice.

  14. I never really knew much about Mr. John Amos. But reading this article gives me more of an understanding of who he was and what he did. As was said in another reply, he must have been a remarkable man.

  15. A mighty example for us! Let us continually rely on God and share with him the events that transpired thereafter!

  16. Thank you very much for that reminder of Mr. Amos. He was a fine example of what everyone considers a nobody, but is really one of the few people with the character of God written all over his actions and words.

  17. Thank you for this wonderful article of an example of perfect loyalty. A rare trait these days. Whenever I read the inscription on his tombstone I shed tears of joy knowing that I will see him again.

  18. What a great thought for today! I will think on his example and ask God to prepare me for the moment when I must stand with him.

  19. It is wonderful to know Mr John Amos has not been forgotten. I have only been following the Philadelphia Church of God for three years, with no previous association with the WCG. I must confess I find it amazing that only Mr flurry and Mr Amos were willing to stand up for the Truth of God revealed by Mr Armstrong.

  20. I thank you for this article because I never really knew of Mr. John Amos except what Mr. Flurry wrote of him. Now I also am able to see how he looked as well. What a great example of submission to God’s government and authority he is!

  21. Yes, I DO remember Mr. Amos! He was our Minister in the Northeast and he was the one who performed my wedding ceremony in 1992! We have wonderful memories of times spent with him. His dedication to God’s work and his faith in God’s promises are an inspiration to us all. :D

  22. What an honorable man – and I think my wife and I had the honor of his love, friendship, and his officiating our wedding back in 1992. He was my HERO!

  23. This is my first time to see Mr. John Amos in picture. I only know him to be one of the 2 top leaders who came out from the Laodicean Church. And now he has a sure place and position, not to mention the glory and honor, to be in the God Family. What a remarkable Saint!

  24. Dear Mr. Fraser,

    Thank you for sharing this article about this wonderful man that was your father-n-law. I never knew him, but in the early days of the PCG when there was a tape library, I listened over and over to him as he shared the love of God in such an enthusiastic way. He was a marvelous example in his messages of one we should all strive to learn and overcome as he did. I of course remember hearing how he read Malachi’s Message at least 14 times before he died. He inspired me and I remember particularly identifying with one of his messages that included “a head squeeze” as he termed it. What I recall was his recognition of God working with him and submitting to our Eternal Father. I realize now reading your article how deeply he understood “THE HEAD squeeze” to whom he was submitting.

  25. He is a real Faith hero, thank you very much Mr . Fraser for helping us to remember such a noble and inspiring example of faith.

    Surely all lately called PHILADELPHIAN or repented ELECT from the laodicean disaster need to know and be reminded of the small beginning.

  26. Thank you Mr. Fraser, I read this article and was moved deeply, the words about knowing who is in charge, standing shoulder to shoulder for the Truth and being nobodies, resonated with what Government is about. Mr Amos surely humbled himself and how wonderful to know that our Father is about to exalt him to His throne.

  27. Mr. Amos baptized me into God’church in 1991 and two years later he presided over my father’s funeral. His analogies and little pearls of wisdom have never left me. I was honored to have had him involved in such important events in my life.

  28. Thank you. I remember Mr.Thompson speaking fondly of the encouragement
    that Mr.Amos gave everyone in his examples of faith and obedience.

  29. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of Mr. Amos, his faithfulness and loyalty. It is so appreciated and inspiring to remember God’s people of faith; and what a great example you gave us to consider in this moving article.

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