Live Healthy: A Series on Physical Health and Fitness

By Abraham Blondeau

Did you apply for pyc this year? If you did, now is the time to realize that getting the most out of pyc can depend on how physically fit and healthy you are!

Are you ready for three weeks of physical rigor? Are you ready for hours of sports in the Oklahoma heat? Are you ready to play hard, work hard, study hard, sleep deeply and wake up again, refreshed and ready for more joy-filled challenges? If you are worried about your answers to these questions, right now is your moment to improve! pyc can change your life. Don’t let poor health get in the way!

We all want to be healthy and physically fit—but what does it mean to be truly healthy?

Every day we see images of body builders, fitness models, skinny women, and muscular men. Is this what it means to be healthy?

The media often portrays healthiness as the result of an advertiser’s specific exercise club or regimen. For girls, the message is: You are only healthy if you have a thin waistline. For guys, You’re not healthy unless you’re buff.

Don’t let that fool you like it fooled me.

I was fresh out of high school, 18, and weighed in at 150 pounds at 5’11″. I was always the small guy in the group. I was athletic enough, but I was terribly self-conscious and picked on quite often. I was determined to stop this, and turn my weakness into strength. I wanted to improve myself and be more masculine. How did I do it? Where did I look for motivation and instruction to change my body? I went to the world and looked at the body builders, the weight-lifters, the “experts.”

But after many wasted hours in the gym, many hours of frustration, and many hours wasted in vanity, I realized there is a better way to healthy living.

All things were restored to God’s Church through Herbert W. Armstrong, the end-time Elijah—and ALL THINGS includes health and fitness! If we use that revealed understanding as the foundation of health in our lives, we can avoid all the vanity, misconceptions, and mistakes that come with following the ways of this world. After all, we are God’s young people! God wants us to leave this world behind—even worldly fitness!

Of course, there is plenty of useful information, techniques and exercises out there. There are definitely many beneficial aspects of health and fitness that people have discovered in the world. However, we need to use the principles established by Mr. Armstrong to filter out the useless and keep the useful.

As young people, we are right at the beginning of our lives—and what an exciting life it is! You are at the crucial time of preparing for all the dreams and ambitions of your future!

YOU are at a time when you can change your body, right now. You can choose to improve your health, step-by-step, and to obey God’s health laws better and better! You are at the beginning of your life, the best time to undertake this! The changes you make today toward a more energetic life will stay with you into adulthood.

But if you are lazy, indifferent and undisciplined as a youth, it will make it much harder to change those habits as you grow. And the consequences can be anything from missed opportunities (like at pyc) to disease and even death.

How can you become more vibrant, energetic and healthy? For starters, stay tuned to pcg Youth!

This article kicks off a series on health and fitness that can help you discover God’s definition of health, set goals, and learn how your body works and how to change it for the better. Follow God’s laws of health, and you will do things you never thought you could before!

What Is This ‘Health’ You Speak Of?

Let’s get started! To begin your health and fitness endeavor, first you need to define your goal.

Body by Science defines health this way:

Health: A physiological state in which there is an absence of disease or pathology and that maintains the necessary biologic balance between the catabolic and anabolic states.”

So what do all those big, scientific words actually mean? Something you’ve heard before in God’s Church: Balance! Being healthy means your body is functioning without sickness and balances actions that break down your body (catabolic) and that develop your body (anabolic). Your body can’t grow or improve without challenging it with catabolic actions like exercise, but you also need to balance it with rest. This definition is good, but it’s still incomplete.

The Seven Laws of Radiant Health gives more of God’s definition:

“The Apostle Paul commanded the Christians at Corinth: ‘Glorify God in your body’ (1 Corinthians 6:20). He said that we are ‘bought with a price’—our bodies belong to God. We should therefore glorify God in our physical bodies by using them as He intended, and by obeying the physical laws He has set in motion.”

God created our physical bodies. They function according to laws: laws of physics, laws of biology, laws of chemistry. Obeying these laws brings us health!

We can then define health this way:

Health: A physical state of the body with no sickness and a proper catabolic/anabolic balance achieved by obeying God’s laws of health.

What then are God’s laws of health? The Seven Laws of Radiant Health, which we will explore in this series:

  1. Food and Fasting
  2. Cleanliness and Dress
  3. Sunshine and Fresh Air
  4. Exercise
  5. Sleep and Rest
  6. Avoid Bodily Injury
  7. Build a Positive Mental Attitude

As young people, we often take our health for granted and sometimes abuse it. We need to refresh our outlook on health. Let’s not wait to embrace what God restored through Mr. Armstrong. These keys to health and happiness are for me, for you! You’ve got great goals, a great future, a great life ahead. And God wants you to achieve even more, have even more fun and an even better life than you imagine.

A lot of that pivots around your health.

“Without health one is direly handicapped, if not totally cut off from achievement,” Mr. Armstrong wrote in The Seven Laws of Success.

Stop for a minute and think about how valuable God’s laws of health, restored to us through the end-time Elijah, are to you. Take a minute to think about your bright future, and realize that more energetic health will make that future even brighter! Begin to prove these laws by putting them to the test, and watch how God will bless you with the physical, tangible fruit of a fit, healthy life.

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8 thoughts on “Live Healthy: A Series on Physical Health and Fitness

  1. Terrific, Abraham! Hope the campers take this to heart and use it before camp this year. My family is looking forward to more articles in this series. We appreciate your efforts!

  2. Great article and definately an important topic – because life is SO much harder when you are sick :( The best time to start taking action toward living a healthier life is NOW! :D

  3. Very relevant and interesting article! Everyone wants to be healthy and be balanced in everything. Hoping for the next issues!

  4. Excellent article, Abe! I’m really looking forward to reading this series of health articles. And well timed for God’s youth before they head off to PYC.

  5. Helpful article Abe! I Look forward to reading the rest of the series. You will have to keep writing them from Jerusalem!

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