Live Broadcast: Imperial Academy Recital

EDMOND :: Philadelphia Church of God—Armstrong Auditorium will stream a live online broadcast on Tuesday, May 14: the end-of-year Imperial Academy recital, featuring the orchestra program and private music students.

The recital begins at 7 p.m., CST, and should last about two hours.

You can watch this event live at:

Page 2 has the program for the evening so you can follow along as you watch. The program is subject to change.

Don’t miss out on this chance to see the fruits of the Imperial Academy music program—live!

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8 thoughts on “Live Broadcast: Imperial Academy Recital

  1. Thank you for allowing us to see the recital. The opportunities these children are given are fantastic!
    The livestream came through very clearly this time.

  2. Bravo! Magnifico! God really blessed our young people with amazing talents and what a wonderful and highly commendable work IA is doing in bringing out and developing those God-given talents to honor our great and most loving Creator. It’s so inspiring to see and listen to the beautiful music our young people presented in this recital. Thank you so much for letting us from all over the world to watch this great recital on live streaming. May God bless IA Philippines with a similar opportunity for our little ones to develop their gifts as well.

  3. This was absolutely beautiful. The talent from all the children was amazing. They are truly Blessed. Great Job Mr. and Mrs. Malone and all the teachers that work with the children, IA is blessed to have you all. I look forward to seeing more live streams from Armstrong Auditorium.

  4. A wonderful vision of the future! Very inspiring to have seen the children perform those beautiful pieces. Wish to have watched the college students as well. Congratulations to the students, parents, instructors and academy for a job well done!

  5. Fantastic performances. Thankyou for inviting me in on this night family. Great job, keep up the excellent work.

  6. This looks AHHHMAZING!! Cannot wait. These children are so blessed to be raised where all these opportunities exist.

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