Inside the New Trumpet Daily

“Round the rugged rock the ragged rascal rudely ran …. Likeable Lillian loves lovely luminous aluminum linoleum …. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers ….”

“… Yes sir …. I don’t see it on my end. Does anyone else see that?”

“Is this a good amount of headroom, Mr. Falk?”

(Radio headsets crackling.)

“… Senate and House leaders met at the Capitol ….”

“It’s 800 by 600; four to three….”

“Mitch McConnell … that’ll be the tongue-twister ….”

“Whenever you’re ready, sir ….”

“Could you hit start?”

“Mr. Falk, does everything look good here on the main camera?”

“You’re good.”

These are the sounds today just after noon as a crew of eight prepares to tape Trumpet Daily presenter Stephen Flurry as he delivers “Churchill Returns to Washington,” the third episode in the program’s new format inside Armstrong Auditorium.

Television department head Andrew Locher checks his clipboard as Mr. Flurry walks on stage and hands him a sheaf of program notes. Lighting engineer David Weeks looks up at the spotlights and comments about some additions to the set. IT staffer Ben Tauer readies a background graphic. Cameraman Jessie Hester checks a set of wireless mics. Director Dwight Falk answers a question about the concert later tonight and then gets the focus back on the task at hand. Crewmember Sam Livingston leans on one end of a jib, balancing the weight of a camera mounted on the other. Cameraman Josh Sloan peers through his viewfinder.

Up above, camera bays hold four more HD cameras powered up and focusing in. In the ceiling, about a dozen spotlights beam down on the action.

“[R]enews the ties between our people … the ties between our people …” Mr. Flurry recites, practicing the program. Cameraman Harley Breth’s headset buzzes again with instructions from the control booth.

“Whenever you’re ready, Mr. Flurry ….”

“Hello everyone; welcome back to the Trumpet Daily.”




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13 thoughts on “Inside the New Trumpet Daily

  1. Hi Mr. S. Flurry,

    My wife and I certainly appreciated the new format of Trumpet Daily last week-end, we are ‘shut in’ and both thought how fantastic the new format was, really helps to keep in touch with the work in a unique way.
    Thank you all so much.
    AF and SA Milton UK

  2. Wow! Thats what I kept saying after seeing the new set, lighting and camera work. This is a quality you only see on large networks, and even then not always as stunning as this. It is clear God inspired and used some of the top creative minds of His people to accomplish this and truly show His quality and perfection. Way to represent the glory and power of the Almighty God!

  3. Another miracle project plugged in to our Creator, we so appreciate all the new developments as we thunder this message forward, really inspiring and moving, keep up the excellent work!

  4. From good to GREAT, excellence outset. The world will be surprised to how much God is putting in,in doing His BEST to warn them. I hope some ,especially our wandering brethren, see it before it is too late.
    Nice “Jerusalem RD” look ,with the beard to Sir- as the isaiah 40 message is going out to the jews-even those living in isreal -and isreal to.BEHOLD YOUR GOD,their could not be another stage to shine that light from. May the fame of God house espand to all the earth,its message reach uncountable mind.

  5. Every new project in God’s enlightening Work is perpetually inspiring. Our Great Majestic Creator has endless and new vistas for His Family and His Family Work. “Insight New Trumpet Daily” is showing us Christ our Head guiding and directing His Family with even more interesting presentations!

  6. It’s amazing! The God’s things are becoming higher quality. The world will look at us!
    It’s incredible. Last week my boss was asking me things about my personal life, and he now is amazed knowing that I belong to a few people church, and we are alive, I told him, the reason because we are alive is because we are God’s church, and he manages his work.

    • I like your comment!!! it can sometimes be hard to tell people what you believe in, knowing the truth about God and them putting you down for it. I’ve dealt with that my whole life but sticking close to God and living his way of life is way better than what the world has to offer!

  7. We are so excited about this! What an amazing step for God’s Work! I know it has to turn some heads to the quality of God’s Work!

  8. My son and I just watched the first program taped on this new set and it was absolutely amazing! – Can’t wait to see how you (Mr. S. Flurry) use the set with all it’s new diverse arrangements that can be made (limited only by your imagination and drive) – Onward!

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