2B: Jeremiah Abridged

This past year, the campers were able to learn more about the life and the commission God gave Jeremiah the Prophet through the Jeremiah musical. In this video, 2B succinctly retells the story of Jeremiah.

2G: I’m Too Young!

Campers go through challenging activities at PYC, such as playing soccer in the intense heat of the Oklahoma summer, or hauling yourself back in your canoe. But as tough as it may seem, you will realize afterwards that you can … Continue reading

Be Energetic Like 1B!

PYC is full of sports, running around campus, and other activities that can quickly drain you physically. But there’s a way to boost your energy level. Check out 1B’s video below to find our what their secret is to being … Continue reading

Make New Friends at PYC

“Look, she’s going to cry, she’s going to cry,” my sister said. The valves holding back my tears switched on like a dam releasing excess water. It was my first PYC, and I didn’t want to be there for a … Continue reading

An Astonishing Victory

Today was the last day of all-stars. The girl’s soccer match had just wrapped up when a small group of skilled young soccer athletes, some wearing soccer jerseys, who had been watching came over. They asked the PYC director if … Continue reading

PYC 2009 Videos: Dorm 3B

Posted by Michael Dattolo We are coming to the end of the PYC 2009 videos! Special thanks to Dwight Falk for filming and editing the videos. Here’s the last men’s dorm—Dorm 3B: “The Column Supporters.” Be sure to compliment the … Continue reading

PYC 2009 Videos: Dorm 5G

Posted by Michael Dattolo Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting the videos that each dorm made at PYC 2009! Special thanks to Dwight Falk for filming and editing the videos. Here’s Dorm 5G telling us about “Being Tough.” … Continue reading