What Is a Bucket Line?

JERUSALEM—To remove the tons of debris excavated every day on the dig site, Herbert W. Armstrong college students, along with the Israeli dig volunteers, form several bucket lines a day to transfer dirt and rocks from the areas of excavation … Continue reading

A Day on the Dig

JERUSALEM—Follow the Herbert W. Armstrong College students on the dig! Take the video tour and find out what goes on in a typical day at the Ophel Excavation.

Photo of Herbert W Armstrong College students in class.

Back in Jerusalem!

We are back in Jerusalem! This video will show you where we are going to be helping Dr. Mazar, starting Sunday. This latest excavation will be on and around a wall from the time of Solomon located just north of … Continue reading

Culture Shock: Reut's Wedding

We know it’s been a while since we’ve posted something about Jerusalem. We’re not over there right now, but we still wanted to share some of our experiences. While we were on the dig project, we had the opportunity to … Continue reading

We Saw Petra!

Declared to be one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Petra sits quiescently in a basin surrounded by the dry desert mountains of Jordan. Its hundreds of empty caves and rock-hewn structures are remnants of an abandoned ancient … Continue reading