Imperial Academy Commencement

EDMOND :: Philadelphia Church of God—The full presentation of Imperial Academy online senior Nick Irwin’s address to the IA student body and guests at the academy’s graduation ceremony on May 23.

6B: David vs. Goliath

Jeremiah was not the only popular Biblical character during PYC. In this video, 6B reenacts the famous story of David’s battle with Goliath in this video. Check it out!

5G Strives For Perfection

Having the PYC theme of focus on perfection in mind allowed the dorms to think on what they can improve on as a team. Watch this video to see how 5G improved and grew as a dorm this past camp.

4G: Two Ways to Do PYC

According to 4G, there are two ways to do PYC. These two ways are drastically different. Watch the video above to find out what those two ways are, and maybe it will help you decide how you’ll approach camp this … Continue reading

3G: The Dorm of Many Talents

Each dorm is composed of teens coming from different parts of the world, with each camper having different hobbies, talents, and skills. Despite their differences, they all end up complementing each other. Watch 3G’s video above to see an example … Continue reading