Not Just Any Ole Back Flip

Back flips are pretty tough. I imagine doing one while sitting is even tougher. Add racing down a steep incline to that mix and you have one very impressive back flip. Skier Josh Dueck loved being in the air, doing … Continue reading

Hit the Slopes!

Sweating in below-freezing temperatures—is it even possible? It is when you go skiing! Skiing is one of the world’s most popular winter sports, and it’s not hard to see why. Even moderately experienced downhill skiers can zip down a mountain … Continue reading

Get on a Bike

It’s about 6 o’clock. I’m good to go with just my sneakers, a pair of athletic shorts and a T-shirt. Not my typical officewear—but that’s stashed in my backpack. I kneel for a bit and request protection, then I’m up … Continue reading

Being KD

He’s the star, and he always has been. Since eighth grade he’s been keeping scoreboard operators busy and sportswriters even busier. As a high school senior, he’s dropping in 24 points per game, grabbing 10 rebounds and contributing three assists, … Continue reading

The Longest Game Ever

Caught up in the frenzy of the World Cup soccer tournament craze, most of us probably missed a record-setting event. It was taking place in another sport on another continent. In 1877, an annual tennis tournament began at the All … Continue reading

Photo from Flickr user The-Lane-Team

The Perfect Game

When the spring rains end and the sun begins, we play baseball. We play in the yards, the parks, the sandlots on glorious grass under a sublime sun. We crack jokes, run, hit, throw. It’s the perfect game. We dream … Continue reading

Down But Not Out

Vienna’s Ernst Happle Stadium erupted into a frenzy. Croatia had just scored what had to be the game-winning goal. There was less than one minute left in the second and final overtime of the Euro Cup soccer quarterfinal match against … Continue reading