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Six Days to Victory

By Sarah Icasiano

The odds are against you. On every side you face opposition. And that opposition wants to hurt you. It even wants to completely destroy you. So what do you do? Do you just give up? Give in without a fight? Do you compromise just enough so they’ll leave you alone? Or…do you bravely act with courage? Continue reading


How the Battle of Trafalgar Changed History

By Eric Anderson

Hundreds of British sailors charged up to the top decks of their ships. After waiting for two years, the seamen finally spotted what they were searching for: Napoleon’s French and Spanish armada on the distant horizon of Cape Trafalgar. As the 10-mile distance separating them diminished, the two fleets hastily prepared for battle. Continue reading

Julius Caesar

Face Down Defeat

By Tyrel Schlote
The ground quaked under the thunder of hooves as seven thousand cavalrymen charged headlong across the open plains. Across from them was a line of tired, starving soldiers. Victory seemed inevitable. These cavalrymen outnumbered the soldiers two to one. All the cavalry had to do was break that line, and victory was theirs. Nothing, it seemed, could stop them. Continue reading

Cuban Jungle

A Message to Garcia

  By Eric Anderson During the late 1800s, the small country of Cuba struggled for independence from Spain. America sympathized and, early in 1898, demanded the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Cuba. War followed.

Biltmore Estate

Biltmore is an 8,000 acre estate in Asheville, North Carolina. It features the largest privately-owned home in the United States. The house, a 250-room chateau covering a massive 4 acres (175,000 square feet), has three floors and a basement containing … Continue reading

The Pain Was Worth the Gain

Every four years the nations unite watching in awe the extraordinary ability of athletes around the world. People like Nadia Comaneci, Usain Bolt, and Michael Phelps cause us to look past the flag on their uniforms and respect the mind-blowing … Continue reading