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The Race Set Before Me

By Erica Irwin

Whew, this is going great! Wow, I’ve never felt so spry and energized! I should do this more often. I wish everyone could experience this breathtaking—literally, breathtaking—adventure. Continue reading


Getting Cold Hands

By Winston Schlote

This is so totally Dad’s fault, I thought as I waited for my name to be announced. I’m going to look like an idiot. I clutched my piano sheet music tightly and waited patiently for the fateful declaration that I was to take the stage and perform a musical piece that I had barely practiced. Continue reading

2B: Jeremiah Abridged

This past year, the campers were able to learn more about the life and the commission God gave Jeremiah the Prophet through the Jeremiah musical. In this video, 2B succinctly retells the story of Jeremiah.

1G’s Secret to Shooting Hoops

Are you struggling with basketball? Maybe you want to improve your skill for next PYC? Well, worry no more! 1G will give you some tips on how to beef up your skill and have more successful shots.


Gossip: Harmless Fun or Deadly Poison?

By Danielle Underwood
Sandra was slandered behind her back from the moment she started. At first I thought it was because my fellow office-mates didn’t like change, as she was replacing one of their friends. However, after a few weeks I realized that Sandra was being berated for her slow learning capability Continue reading