liorpt/iStock/Thinkstock, empire331/iStock/Thinkstock Matthew 28:1 Pic of unleavened bread, which we are commanded to eat during the Days of Unleavened Bread. (PCOG/Brooke Davis) A photo of Israelites fleeing Egypt, on a Night to Be Much Observered. Photo of Garden Tomb points out that God's sacred calendar is important in proving the dates of Christ's death and resurrection. Photo of a lamb, used by ancient Israel in their Passover observance. Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld Photo of a halloween pumpkin, a tradition for the pagan holiday. istock/thinkstock

Has Time Been Lost?

God’s people keep the Sabbath on Saturday each week. Some contend not only that the day the Sabbath is to be kept does not matter, but that the correct day cannot be known. You must agree with God on this issue if you are to obey and please Him. Continue reading

Photo of sun and sky for Last Great Day and white throne judgement. Will the billions who have died, never hearing of Christ or the Gospel ever see the light of day again?