Photo of dark earth depicting Satan's world domination. Stockbyte/Thinkstock iStockphoto/Thinkstock Picture of a symbol of the Trinity, a false doctrine adopted by Christanity that is contrary to who and what God really is.

Who Is
 the God of
 This World?

By Stephen Flurry
And how will his rule come to an end? Why should there be so much ignorance about Satan the devil? Many people scoff at the thought of his existence. Others, while they accept his existence, grossly underestimate the devil’s awesome power Continue reading

Who Is Satan?

Excerpted from the Herbert W. Armstrong Bible Course Correspondence
Did you know that Satan is a mystery to this world? Many people have a cartoonish idea of the devil. Frankly, most religions today do not really understand Satan. Many Bible commentaries have a number of different and conflicting views of Satan, and it is clear they are profoundly confused about the subject. Continue reading