Clockwise from top left: James Brandon, Tyrel Schlote, Bailey Crawford, Daniel Arnfield, Christopher Eames, Callum Wood) (Photo: Matthew Friesen) Anthony Morgan confirms race times in a 4-car heat while spectators look on. (Photo: Devon Hochstetler) Members browse items made by other members and contributed by local businesses. (Photo: Hank Chadwick) (Photo: Matthew Friesen) (Photo: Thinkstock/Martiapunts) Regional Director John Macdonald (left) points out where other PCG members in the region live. (Photo: Elizabeth Macdonald) Australian PCG volunteers unload a moving truck at the new regional office facility in Wollongong. (Photo: Elizabeth Macdonald) Exterior of the new Australian regional office. (Photo: Elizabeth Macdonald) A group of HWAC students and their helpers present their 'Chopped!' challenge desserts. (Photo courtesy of Michelle Hilliker)