Gerald Flurry—Chancellor of Herbert W. Armstrong College
We strive to give our students an education that transcends America, history and time itself.

Harry V. Jaffa wrote that in Winston Churchill’s view, the British Empire acted to “lift human life away from barbarism and savagery towards civilization and human excellence.” He said, “The glory of the British Empire was its service to a cause that transcended Britain, that transcended history, that transcended time itself.” At Herbert W. Armstrong College, we offer an education that transcends America, that transcends history, and that transcends even time itself.

Mr. Armstrong always believed in reaching out to the largest audience possible with the education he offered. We strive to follow that tradition. We teach our students to practice the way of give as the way of life. We offer educational materials to anyone in the world who requests them. It is all completely free because it is supported by a group of people who have character and live the give way of life.

We have recently inspected many beautiful estates in Britain for a second college campus so we can more easily expand this education beyond America. We send students to volunteer on archaeological excavations in Jerusalem. We have helped Dr. Eilat Mazar dig back through the millennia of history to uncover David’s palace, Solomon’s wall and Nehemiah’s wall.

The Bible is full of prophecies of God’s coming Kingdom, when true education—the very education we are working hard to provide at Armstrong College today—is going to shape history. At our college we teach young people to face the reality of this world’s problems—and then we show them how God is going to solve those problems; He is going to save most of humanity, including all those who have already died, in spite of ourselves! We teach this hope to all of our young people. Most importantly, we teach our students that this hope must be given to others.

God has transcendent, universe-scale plans for mankind that stretch out into eternity! His message to man is filled with hope because it transcends time and space. Isaiah 57:15 states that God “inhabits eternity”—He lives apart from time. He created time, and the hope-filled education He provides to those who will be taught by Him transcends time as He does.

We strive to give our students an education that transcends America, history and time itself. As we fulfill these noble educational aims, we are working to prepare a new generation of empire builders—men and women who will lift human life away from barbarism and savagery toward civilization and excellence, and who will help God raise up a shining new empire that will encompass the globe and bring freedom, peace and prosperity to all nations. And that is only the beginning. Then we will help God expand His empire, or civilization, throughout the universe!

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