Philadelphia Youth Camp 2017: ‘Live Right, Take Flight’
Philadelphia Youth Camp theme inspired by PCG aircraft

EDMOND—The United States session of Philadelphia Youth Camp 2017 ran from July 4-24 and taught 120 campers from Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Peru, South Africa, the United Kingdom and 29 U.S. states how to “Live Right, Take Flight.” Camp began on Independence Day, a rarity commemorated by a fireworks display that night on the Herbert W. Armstrong College soccer field. Another unique event was a camp-wide field trip to the hangar to see the Philadelphia Church of God’s G450 corporate jet. In lectures and at Sabbath services, campers were reminded of the purpose for the plane: to speed the completion of God’s Work. Temperatures were much more mild than usual during camp this year, facilitating a noticeable boost in camper energy during outdoor activities including canoeing, archery, cycling, softball, soccer, football, water polo and wacky water games, as well as indoor activities such as basketball, volleyball, speech, dance, faculty home visits, etiquette dinners, Bible lectures, Bible games and a campus tour. pyc–Edstone, the sister camp of pycusa, began on July 26 and concluded on August 10.