Wisconsin Brethren Enjoy Picnic, Hike

WISCONSIN—About 30 members of the Wisconsin congregation gathered for a lakeside summer picnic on July 29, 2018, at a state park in Baraboo, south of the Wisconsin Dells.

The morning started in the serene, millennial surroundings of trees and lush green grass of the lake’s southern shore. Under a picnic shelter decorated by Matt Yench, Nick Bush and Cindy Hoehn, members gladly coordinated as the brethren began to arrive for a plenteous day of food, fun and fellowship.

The picnic was organized by Don Hoehn. The activities started with laughter-inducing children’s games, then a bountiful lunch, followed by a prize-filled game of bingo enjoyed by everyone young and old.

Afterward, two groups of brethren set out to hike the bluffs of the lake’s eastern shore. One group took the vertical, sunny route while the other group took the longer, yet slightly less steep, shaded trail. The two groups met up at the top of the bluff for photos by a unique “balancing” natural rock formation.

The event concluded with members gathering under the shelter again for watermelon and goodbyes.

“I’ve had a wonderful time today,” commented visiting member Simon Henderson from New Zealand.