Edmond Congregation Participates in Square Dance

EDMOND—“Take your partner and a dosey-doe.” Those were the oft-repeated instructions to approximately 120 members of the Philadelphia Church of God Edmond congregation participating in a congregational square dance on November 10. The activity was the Edmond congregation’s first square dance in a decade, led by a professional caller who has been calling dances for 41 years. The caller taught the group dances, which included the Virginia Reel, Electric Slide, and Cotton-Eyed Joe. During water breaks, the caller led children in the hokey-pokey and the chicken dance.

“This was Edmond’s first square dance in many years and the brethren thoroughly enjoyed it,” said Edmond Pastor Fred Dattolo. “Many expressed their exuberant thanks for the activity. At the end when I asked everyone if they’d like to do it again, the roar of approval was deafening!”