Harare Congregational Family Social

ZIMBABWE—Approximately 57 brethren from the Harare congregation held a family social from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Rest Haven Retreat on October 21.

The social began with some of the members playing a game of volleyball, while others observed the action. “Although I am not that good at volleyball, it was exciting to see brethren of different age groups—seniors, singles, teens, children—playing on one team,” said 20-year-old Michelle.

At the end of the volleyball game, players from opposite teams exchanged high fives amidst lots of cheering from those who were watching.

Other games included sack races, zip lines and swings. Fourteen-year-old Petra went on the zip line and described it as both “a scary and exciting experience.”

For those that desired less physically demanding games, options such as darts and playing cards were available. But if you still had energy to expend, then soccer was next on the events lineup.

“I like scoring goals,” a beaming and sweating 21-year-old Trevlyn said after almost 40 minutes of soccer. She had just scored two goals for her team.

When event coordinator Alex and his team were through grilling the meat, brethren sat for a meal and fellowship.

Senior Aaron Basani commented that he “enjoyed the fellowship and an opportunity to talk to Regional Director Mr. Alex Harrison who was visiting us and also to catch up with the minister from South Africa Mr. George Githembe.”

Fifty-year-old David Munemo said that the entire event was a “good family gathering.”