Gerald Flurry
Germany has been a close friend of America for decades. That is about to change.
16x9(Book of Joshua)
The biblical books of Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, and 1 and 2 Kings were originally just three books: Joshua-Judges, Samuel and Kings. Together they make up what are called the former prophets.
King Jeroboam led ancient Israel into idolatry and godlessness. Your Bible forecasts that a modern-day Jeroboam would exist in a nation that descended from Israel.
Dramatic sky over Jerusalem, view from the Olive Mountain, taken shortly before a thunderstorm
The Jewish State of Israel is in extreme danger. The Middle East is undergoing radical changes, and the risk of violence engulfing the Jews is growing with each passing month!
Sand dunes on Libyan Desert. The Sahara Desert is the world's largest hot desert.
Great leaders like Winston Churchill and Douglas MacArthur have made statements about how we must solve the problem of nuclear power if we are to survive.
Russian President Vladimir Putin is a spy by trade. United States President Donald Trump says that he will get along well with this man. Can Vladimir Putin be trusted? Could he be a dependable ally of America?
The book of Ruth is a symbolic love story. Learn why this virtuous woman’s attitude was recorded for the ages. Discover how Ruth’s marriage represents the greatest marriage in the universe.
Portrait of a little girl kissing her dad on cheek. Pretty girl giving a kiss to her father outdoor. Loving child embrace and kissing her father.
What we can learn from the most intimate relationship between any two beings ever.
The Prophet Ezekiel described two end-time watchmen. Both men have had a powerful impact on the entire world. Learn the difference between a watchman of the people and a watchman chosen by God.
The Bible is remarkably specific. It prophesies of an end-time Prince of Russia. It also describes a messenger who prophesies against this powerful prince. These two men will impact your life directly.
mighty old tree with green spring leaves
To be a soaring spiritual success, we must eat more from the tree of life.
Following the U.S. presidential election, the political conversation has centered on Donald Trump’s promise to make America great again. Will he succeed? America will return to glory, but not because of any man.
Thousands of years ago, the Prophet Micah wrote about a shocking end-time event: God’s own Church rebelling and becoming His enemy. Learn how this tragic betrayal took place. Discover how to fight back and be loyal to God.
Ruins of Ancient Bet Shean which Collapsed during Earthquake
Important lessons from the book of Amos!
God created the angels with fiery, dazzling brilliance. As bright and stunning as these magnificent beings are, God says that your potential is far greater. Learn how even the angels desire to glimpse God’s plan for you.
The Gospels give a clear sign of Christ’s Second Coming. As the world hurtles toward destruction, this sign gives hope for a better future. This sign is as sure as the trees blooming before summer.
Our world is on the edge of collapse. The cause: human nature. This invisible power has influenced every person in history, but you don’t have to be enslaved to it. Learn where human nature came from, how to conquer it, and the reward for doing so.
Man is master of the art of war. Today, the greatest threat to human survival is nuclear annihilation. Bible prophecy says that mankind will destroy himself unless Jesus Christ intervenes. The Bible also foretells a time when war will be abolished. Learn about a future free of violence and bloodshed.
16x9(God has chosen Jerusalem)
It’s impossible to get discouraged when we are filled with the vision of New Jerusalem.
16x9(David and God)
Israel’s greatest king had a marvelous relationship with God that serves as an example to all of us. To David, God truly was alive!
View to Jerusalem old city. Israel
The origin of this Feast is far more important than the event itself!
The Former Prophets are little-studied and greatly misunderstood.
Two weeks ago, Islamic terrorists rocked America with three separate attacks. These attacks are emblematic of an alarming reality: Never before has this country been so cursed. There is only one way to reverse the curse, and you won’t find it in a political movement or a national leader. Discover the true source of America’s blessings. Learn what is needed to make America great again…
16x9(Hannah and Trumpets)
This world’s women don’t think the way Hannah did!
Learn about the spiritual warfare that began before mankind was created and continues to this day.