Grant Turgeon
GRF Ministerial Conference 16x9.jpg
Topics included Haggai, the transition of King David’s throne, the Holy Roman Empire, and New Jerusalem.
16x9 G450 jet Meridian Mississippi
Nine-day trip features two sermons, reunion with biblical archaeologist
16x9 Mr. Flurry and Dr. Mazar
Foundation agrees to support sixth excavation season with Dr. Mazar.
PT Website Trends.jpg
In-depth articles provide overview of site’s most important news forecasts.
PAC GRF 0.jpg
Campaign attracts hundreds of Midwestern Philadelphia Trumpet magazine subscribers
PYC 1.jpg
Philadelphia Youth Camp theme inspired by PCG aircraft
business man with luggage waiting in the airport
A witness to the flight business
6B Group Portrait
The blue-man group tossed water balloons, wrestled, splashed, dove and slid for over an hour.
20170718 5B 20170718_5B Flag Football_9785.jpg
The barbarians of 5B play flag football.
20170718 _2B Speech_9765.jpg
All 10 campers boldly faced mankind’s number-one fear: public speaking.
3B Water Polo 20170714_3B Water Polo_9625.jpg
The greenies swam to an early lead, then held off a late 1B charge.
1B Soccer 20170714_1B Soccer_9529.jpg
The orange campers clashed with 4B in a close soccer battle.
20170713  Basketball_9042.jpg
The boys in dark gray come up short in a quest for victory.
Work Party 20170712 _PYC Office Tour-8907.jpg
A sneak peek inside God’s Work
IA Grad 16 by 9
Class of 2017 includes seven honor students, 11 incoming Herbert W. Armstrong College freshmen.
MEMBER Doris Blank
Fifty-two-year veteran of God’s Church has more than one harrowing life story.
(16x9) Mrs. Helen Amos studying
Church Pioneer Helen Amos died February 16 at age 77.
Baseball on the Chalk Line of the Infield
Adam Greenberg’s Major League Baseball career is a story of unmatched perseverance.
20170202_Marie Larsen call center portrait-8103690.jpg
Maria Larsen has spent 15 years as an operator and continues to volunteer.
ES Trumpet website_16x9.jpg is fourth PCG foreign-language website to launch in 2016.
FLT 16x9.jpg
Department shifts focus toward online content.
BCC Mockup 1 Bible Correspondence Course
Herbert W. Armstrong College site allows users to study lessons, take tests online.
FLT websites_16x9.jpg
Websites are among a mosaic of projects published this week.
World-class Canadian dance troupe records live season opener for video project
_7502689_16x9_Philadelphia Church of God.jpg
Canadian dance troupe rehearses, records for three days before Armstrong show