Wilbur Malone
Portrait HWA
Sometimes there are people in God’s Church like Korah, Aaron or Miriam—even Lucifer. They are UNHAPPY where God has placed them in His body.
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The significance of saying ‘Amen!’
16x9 (Could You Be Distracted)
FEBRUARY 26, 2010: Cal State Fullerton gymnastics at in Fullerton, CA. Photo by Matt Brown
Does your mind wander off when you pray? At services are you easily distracted when a baby cries or is taken to the mothers’ room? Is it possible you could even be distracted from the most important priority in your life?
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16x9(Calculating the Feast of Pentecost)
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Each holy day pictures a step in God’s great master plan. Keeping the feast of Pentecost on the right day is extremely important.
16x9(Why the Universe)
Incredibly beautiful spiral galaxy somewhere in deep space
God brought into existence a universe so huge that scholarly scientists and all of their modern equipment cannot understand its origin or its ultimate purpose.
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An abbreviated look at the Third Commandment
Old Spear
Did he die of a broken heart, as some claim?