Multi-generation family portrait on a bridge in a forest
God is working so hard to get us to understand FAMILY!
Family Helping To Clear Up After Breakfast Before School And Work
Are you teaching your children what holy means?
Handshake on the background of green
Respect uplifts both the giver and receiver and is the spirit underlying the Ten Commandments.
Top view portrait of two happy smiling kids lying on green grass. Cheerful brother and sister laughing together.
It sets a firm foundation for everything you teach your child.
Raymond Wickware teaching Jude Flurry about gardening
An essential tool in relating to young people can change life’s entire course!
Father and son walking down the sandunes onto the beach. They are wearing warm casual clothing and smiling at each other.
Here are seven concrete ways in which parents can help their children and teenagers.
16x9(The royal vision in teaching your children)
God wants to turn your family into a perfect picture of his master plan!
16x9(Christ our brother)
We have to build the love of our elder Brother—for each other.
16x9(Titus 2 man or woman)
Cropped view of a father with his grown-up son
With age comes responsibility.
16x9(Parents and children potential)
Father and young daughter reading together
They possess dazzling promise. Be honest: 
Will your parenting 
help them attain it?
16x9(Teach your children about God)
Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on October 20.
16x9(Year of the Family)
As God’s people we can experience family day–every day.
16x9(Through the eyes of a child)
Shot of a father and daughter bonding indoors
The festival experience your children have will largely depend on you. Are you preparing your children for this year’s Feast of Tabernacles?
Child holding candies
Give and teach giving, and you and your family will have a truly blessed and happy Feast.
16x9(Shall not commit adultery)
Our rising divorce rate is a good indicator of the growing unhappiness in people’s lives.
Child with money
Your children are where the money is, and marketers know it.
Couple 16x9
It is time to have a last-hour urgency about our marriages.
A farmer with his son, 13 years old, walking by a field of crops, cornstalks ready for harvesting. His hand is on his son's back and they are looking at each other as they walk.
Young people today face daunting challenges. Here is how you can help them make it through their tough times.
Rear view of a father trying to teach his son how to fish with a fishing rod by a lake
It’s one that keeps giving back in return.
16x9(Teach your daughters)
Here’s how you can combat society’s lies about beauty and teach your daughter the truth!
16x9(A Godly Family)
Portrait Of Family On Winter Beach
What does it take to make a family happy and harmonious? Here’s a quality you may have overlooked—but it may be the most beautiful of all.
16x9(IA Recital)
16x9(Train up a Child)
African american father teaching daughter
God will use our children as role models—if we do our part today.
Preserving the Family
Family lying outdoors smiling
The first of two articles studying how God’s laws defining morality beautifully safeguard our most important relationships.
16x9(Honor our Father)
Nine keys to bringing a powerful spiritual truth into our own homes