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God is looking for an attitude of gratitude.
Artist mid adult woman looking herself on mirror. Dusts and dirts on the mirror...
The Feast is a time to express love and joy.
Family Eating Meal In Open Plan Kitchen Together
An old song says, “You always hurt the one you love.” It illuminates what in many cases is a sad truth:
Shot of a father embracing his two children as he enters the house
We must shape the human spirit in our children so God can work with them as adults.
Girl (9 years) playing softball, standing on pitcher's mound.
Do you have dry bones?
female hands with pencil writing on notebook.
A woman who supported her family with ‘25 words or less’
Topview of a wooden table in an art studio with a collection of paintbrushes in a container and tins and tubes of paint alongside a rag
To be successful at your hobby, you must get out of your comfort zone.
The morning race
A lesson from a 37th-place runner
Family walking home from the sandy beach on Kefalonia Island (Avithos). Footsteps in the sand at sunset.
Which direction will your next step take you?
The Christian life isn’t always easy.
16x9(Overcome Discouragement)
A simple yet vital way to ensure we stay far away from this deadly enemy
16x9(Mechanics at work)
16x9(Austin Hatch)
A lesson in perseverance from Austin Hatch.
Beautiful Hispanic teenager having some coffee with her friend at home
Does it matter who you hang out with?
Young businessman looking placid while covering his ears
There’s a time to shut your ears and walk on.
Photo of a father teaching self control to a son, as Christian family should.
How to protect your child from life’s dangers.
Close up of miserable man burying face in hans, looking desperate, isolated on black background.
It’s time to face the reality of depression.