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Amazon Smile Program 16x9
Online shopping website donates portion of purchase price to PCG
Red bookmark
What we can learn from the Bible’s most enigmatic woman
A group of friends jump from cliffs into the lake.
A lesson in overcoming fear
Close up of a happy  family playing at home
Here are seven steps to enhancing vitally important family relationships.
Student dessert social, Armstrong auditorium, swans in flight 16x9
work encouragement
Three steps to learning the give way—helping others and yourself!
It’s not easy, but it is worth it.
Portrait HWA
Sometimes there are people in God’s Church like Korah, Aaron or Miriam—even Lucifer. They are UNHAPPY where God has placed them in His body.
Nehemiah Bible
Broken Hour Glass. Adding color proccessed which might add some noise to darker areas.
Are you using it effectively?
Hunger for Righteousness Norm
How the world will be spiritually nourished
Miss Joy
What I learned from de-boning chicken wings
Grape Vine
Why a gardener gardens
Unrecognizable mother and baby walking outside. First steps.
It takes courage to commit to God’s way of life!
Hair Brush
Is hair just a matter of personal preference?
smarter kid
If you have ever said, “I’ll never be good at that,” you need to change your thinking.
Men praying in the dark.
Instruction on bringing more of the perfect love of God into your prayers.
Brain Hack
And the hackers admit it!
TE June 2018 cover
How diligently are you training for your future?
Dwight Falk
Modern technology—a blessing and a curse
A key to being happy
The light that came out of the open doorway.
What I learned from a job interview
Small and lonely caucasian baby girl or toddler looking out of old wooden cabin window to suggest poverty or recession
How to handle when things don’t go your way
16x9 (Rise Early)
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
For God’s people, the most critical work of the day occurs before we leave for work.
Two representative stone tablets with the ten commandments inscribed on them on an isolated dark ethereal background
Here’s the one phobia you really need.