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Layout and installation of roof rafters on a new commercial residential construciton project by framing contactors
An apostle of God gave some motivational advice for men—and followed it.
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The value of a concordance
16x9 (Rise Early)
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For God’s people, the most critical work of the day occurs before we leave for work.
business man with luggage waiting in the airport
A witness to the flight business
16x9(A Godly Family)
Portrait Of Family On Winter Beach
What does it take to make a family happy and harmonious? Here’s a quality you may have overlooked—but it may be the most beautiful of all.
businessman hike on the peak of rocks mountain at sunset, success,winner, leader concept
In an upside-down world, men have given up their God-given role. Here’s how to set things straight in your own life.
The moon
Are we making the same mistakes as Lucifer did?
Row of colorful distressed rural mailboxes, one with a flag up. Sliver of copy space available at the top of the frame.
What it taught me about being a profitable servant
Old book and magnifier glass on a dark background as a symbol of knowledge and science
Gather the evidence—line upon line, precept upon precept—and crack the case!
16x9(The Goal of our work)
We are getting ready to help Christ rule this world and the universe!
One way to prepare yourself to embrace life’s challenges
Man with lamp walking illuminating his path
Seven aspects of the Holy Bible
MEMBER Doris Blank
Fifty-two-year veteran of God’s Church has more than one harrowing life story.
Three Stories
What milk, a woodpile and an overcoat have to do with prayer
HWA at the prayer rock
Learning to pray like the end-time Elijah
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It’s not as hard as you think.
AC Recital 16 by 9
Imperial Academy and Herbert W. Armstrong College students perform end-of-semester recital.
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Criticism is just another tool we can use to improve our work.
Empty Concert Stage
How discipline and focus in any physical activity can yield spiritual and eternal rewards
A canoe team rowing with power in order to win the competition. On background morning light through the forest.
A lesson in persevering through hardship
AC Senior Recital
Flutist Emma Smithies, violinist Kaitlin Eames share fruits of four years of musical training.
Hand emerging from the dark. Wrist and the gentle open hand of a hardworking man extend from the darkness. The hand is faintly cupped and the fingers are pressed together. Background in soft focus.
Bowling ball on bowling alley - Focus on ball
What bowling taught me about the impact of showing courtesy
Eyes that have a reflection in them
Man wants to be good, so why is it so hard to do good? Here’s a look at the cause and effect of the struggle for our minds.
pencil on the paper, close up shot
Another way to experience God’s wisdom for young people