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16x9 (Armstrongs)
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Although his life seemed invaluable to God’s Work, the Work didn’t stop upon his death.
young woman rock climber hands climbing at seaside mountain cliff rock
That cliff may not be as high as it looks.
Lazarus at the rich man's house. Engraving from 1870. Engraving by Gustave Dore, Photo by D Walker.
We are to take the whole Bible, not the New Testament only.
Preparing gingerbread dough for Christmas Baking
A sweet lesson about following instructions
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The value of a concordance
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What is the number one focal point of Satan’s hatred? How does he attack and why must we be so aware of this deception? How do we defend ourselves against it? We must “get it,” or the dragon’s deadly assault will defeat us!
Pink school backpack with white dots isolated on white.
It wasn’t that special after all.
business man with luggage waiting in the airport
A witness to the flight business
Happy family in the park evening light. The lights of a sun. Mom, dad and baby happy walk at sunset. The concept of a happy family.Parents hold the baby's hands.
Family requires sacrifice. Just ask God—He’s given everything for family.
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God is love—that is the deepest subject in the Bible.
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Even normal parents cannot forget their own flesh and blood.
Modern media, singing
The battle for your mind is real. Is Satan winning?
The moon
Are we making the same mistakes as Lucifer did?
Old book and magnifier glass on a dark background as a symbol of knowledge and science
Gather the evidence—line upon line, precept upon precept—and crack the case!
The aurora in front of the Norwegian fjord at Tromso, Norway.
The science behind the aurora borealis
Man with lamp walking illuminating his path
Seven aspects of the Holy Bible
Bride walking down the aisle
The firstfruits today must be preparing to be Christ’s wife.
Storm clouds over field
The plain truth about the day of Pentecost
Little girl eating an apple. She is outdoors and looking at the camera, with apple juice on her face.
The feast of Pentecost celebrates the Church of God!
16x9(Building the Eternal Marriage)
wedding invitation
Each Pentecost we remember how the Church of God was founded in A.D. 31 and the reason for its existence. Here’s a vital lesson from the creation account concerning the marriage between Jesus Christ and the Church. 
FOT Cocomise CVB Presentation1 16x9.jpg
Jason Cocomise receives Hometown Heroes award from Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau
Eyes that have a reflection in them
Man wants to be good, so why is it so hard to do good? Here’s a look at the cause and effect of the struggle for our minds.
Jerry Ross, in space
What would you do to go into the unknown?
Bangkok,THAILAND - March 30, 2014: Fight robot red and blue. There are plastic toy sold as part of the McDonald's Happy meals.
If you want real empowerment, this is how to get it.
Man's hands folded in prayer over a Holy Bible - represents faith and spirtuality in everyday life.
There is no greater authority on how to pray than God’s Word.