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16x9(Heard the Gospel)
The old book on the desk.
As strange as it may seem, today’s churches have lost the true gospel that Jesus preached.
16x9(Why MOA is important)
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Do you know what God’s Work is all about?
16x9(Mr. Armstrong on plane)
God’s modern method of preaching the gospel to the world
Lazarus at the rich man's house. Engraving from 1870. Engraving by Gustave Dore, Photo by D Walker.
We are to take the whole Bible, not the New Testament only.
16x9(True Gospel)
From the Bible Correspondence Course Staff
25th anniversary of the Trumpet produced by the Philadelphia Church of God.
February issue marks quarter century for Philadelphia Trumpet.
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Herbert W. Armstrong met Japan’s prince, prime minister, 22 ambassadors, 20 senators.
Earth from space
What is the gospel, or the good news?