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Water Holy Spirit
The nature of God confuses many, but you can understand the truth about the Holy Spirit.
Human hand cupped to catch the fresh water from the lake, sunlight from sunrise passing through the transparence of the water.
John 4 records some important events that contain a mind-stretching lesson.
Little girl eating an apple. She is outdoors and looking at the camera, with apple juice on her face.
The feast of Pentecost celebrates the Church of God!
Unrecognizable woman holding a bible in her hands and praying
One of the main doctrines most churches have in common today is the trinity.
Eyes that have a reflection in them
Man wants to be good, so why is it so hard to do good? Here’s a look at the cause and effect of the struggle for our minds.
A hourglass with falling sand in front of a clock reaching midnight. Concept photo urgency, and time is running out and deadline is approaching. Close-up of hour glass is photographed in horizontal format with copy space, against a soft-focus clock face in the background.
Did you know that longsuffering is a fruit of God’s Holy Spirit?
Man checking the time
This society has become saturated with Satan’s spirit of impatience.
In the World Tomorrow, how will spirit beings and human beings interact?
Successful businessman standing near the entrance of labyrinth
To keep a spiritual law, man needs a spiritual power!
Stressed man holding his head in pain while trying to relax with music on MP3 player.
A condemning prophecy in Amos 6, directed at God’s people in the end time who are leading a materialistic lifestyle, shows that music is one of the major factors bringing down Israel.
16x9(History and Prophecy of the Holy Spirit)
Milky Way
How God has used and will use His power—and what that has to do with Pentecost
16x9(Love is a sacrifice)
two young lambs grazing in the Hill vintage effect
Want some awesome insights into God’s love? Then study the first two of the five main tabernacle offerings. 
16x9(You are saved by grace)
Page in the Bible showing part of the Ten Commandments
No one can ever be saved by obeying the law—any law.
16x9(How Ripe is your Fruit?)
How do we ensure that we are growing spiritually so we can produce perfect fruits?
Apple on branch
Of the nine ‘beatitudes’ Jesus listed in what is commonly referred to as His Sermon on the Mount, the third is meekness.
16x9(The Holy Spirit)
A swiftly moving stream in shades of blue.
Let’s understand what the Holy Spirit is and how you may receive it.
Hoover Dam (16x9) as seen from the Nevada side, USA
An electrifying analogy
16x9(Mystery of Divine Protection)
How and why God uses His invisible agents to protect you
16x9 (On the air-Mr. Armstrong)
God’s Work needs you to develop this extraordinary godly quality!
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
God is love—that is the deepest subject in the Bible.
Happy middle aged man reclining by poolside
Surely there be few indeed who would not desire to be more happy, to be truly more joyful.
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Few even professing ‘Christians’ understand the difference between being ‘saved by GRACE’ and ‘rewarded according to WORKS.’
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The two most important keys to keeping the fire of the Holy Spirit alive are prayer and Bible study. Are you neglecting them?
Holding an open book with dust coming out.
How do you know you have God’s truth? How do you know you are in God’s true Church?
Butterfly Nebula taken by Hubble
As powerful as the Holy Spirit is, it never forces, impels, commands or controls us.