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16x9(The sin of idolatry)
Man carefully polishing his car with polishing gloves
It’s more common than you might think.
Meditating on the aspects of the law discussed in this Psalm shows us how to never allow Satan to rule us. How well versed are you in that law? How much do you love it?
Panorama of The Chocolate Hills. Bohol, Philippines
Are they REALLY chocolate?
lonely musical instrument which is a trumpet on a black background
We must take on the same attitude toward sin that God has!
Preparing gingerbread dough for Christmas Baking
A sweet lesson about following instructions
16x9(Shall not commit adultery)
Our rising divorce rate is a good indicator of the growing unhappiness in people’s lives.
Pink school backpack with white dots isolated on white.
It wasn’t that special after all.
Male lion roaring
How well do you know your enemy?
The moon
Are we making the same mistakes as Lucifer did?
16x9(Sin of Idleness)
Even in harder economic times, people are addicted to idleness and ease. Here is how it is hurting us.
Bangkok,THAILAND - March 30, 2014: Fight robot red and blue. There are plastic toy sold as part of the McDonald's Happy meals.
If you want real empowerment, this is how to get it.
16x9(Repentance toward God)
young man in emotional stress
There are many great examples of repentance toward God in the Bible. One of the most lucid is that of David.
By Gustave Doré, Public Domain,
Three words that tell us how to come completely out of sin.
Man's hand hang onto rock while bouldering
Bad habits die hard. Here’s a key trait you need to gain ground in your conversion process.
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
The Bible records several examples of great leaders for us to study. What qualities of leadership are common to them?
Multi-generation family portrait on a bridge in a forest
God is working so hard to get us to understand FAMILY!
Woman Relaxing And Playing Solitaire
Let me steal your attention for a quick lesson.
16x9(How not to be deceived)
Unrecognizable woman holding a bible in her hands
Christ’s greatest warning to this world is found in Matthew 24. What makes it 
the greatest? It addresses the world’s greatest deception! 
Young man tends to a batch of marijuana plants.
With a growing marijuana culture, are you sure you know the facts?
Ben changing directions_8102167-3.jpg
Do you as an individual desire to change?
Honesty crossword_8102642a.jpg
Learn how to follow through on what you say the way God does.
Isolated on white with clipping path. 3D render
This is your brain on sin.
16x9(Times of refreshing)
The Apostle Peter taught what would be the wonderfully consoling result of repentance and conversion.
16x9(Days of repentance)
The key to a spiritually enriching feast of Unleavened Bread
16x9(Railroad spike)
The Passover teaches that unless we mourn the death of Christ, we will not go on to build a relationship with God.