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Two strong hikers, one helping the other up a ridge to the summit as the sun sets behind them.
Learn to exercise authority over others in a way that makes them rejoice.
silhouette of father and son holding hands at sunset sky
As the head of the family goes, so goes the rest of the family!
Courageous Joshua
When we study history and see wonderful examples like Joshua, we can recognize the tremendous value of godly leadership!
Portrait of a young winemaker in vineyard, toned.
When times get tough, your response makes all the difference.
businessman hike on the peak of rocks mountain at sunset, success,winner, leader concept
In an upside-down world, men have given up their God-given role. Here’s how to set things straight in your own life.
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The Bible records several examples of great leaders for us to study. What qualities of leadership are common to them?
Father holding his daughter close in his arms.
A duty held by God Himself—and you!
Back lit image of two businessmen arguing
Do not selfishly neglect this powerful tool for restraining evil.
16x9(Men be the head of your home)
An urgent message from the Head of the God Family to the head of your family.
people person
People like people people.
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Bear the burden of being a man.
16x9 (General Monash)
circa 1916:  Australian engineer and soldier General Sir John Monash (1865 - 1931). Original Artist: By Elliott & Fry.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
As we continue to face our battles, let us remember the example of Gen. Sir John Monash.
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What it takes to achieve real success.
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How Theodore Roosevelt transformed from weakling to Rough Rider.
David slaying goliath illustration - red tint
Why did Israel become so great under David?
Here is why great leaders have come to power throughout history.
Man chopping wood in the snow
To fulfill your duty as a man, you must routinely put in hard work, do things you don’t want to, and exert your strength to benefit others.
USA, Washington, mature man and woman walking on footpath
The husband’s role is one of leadership and sacrificial love.
Father and son strolling on a beach during sunrise.
Are you pushing yourself to exemplify the manliness that God wants in His Church?
Wanted Sign saying "Wanted: Real Men"
From macho men to metrosexuals, today many are mystified about the true nature of masculinity.
Depressed teenage college student sitting down
You have all the right tools at your disposal.