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Why should we become like little children?
Father and son walking down the sandunes onto the beach. They are wearing warm casual clothing and smiling at each other.
Here are seven concrete ways in which parents can help their children and teenagers.
16x9(Deepen relationship)
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The true, living Jesus Christ wants to have a relationship with you!
Locher Family
God commands you to use it! Here is some practical help for conquering life’s obstacles in order to reap the rich rewards of regular family Bible study.
One of a man’s greatest responsibilities in life is to direct his family. Here’s some guidance on this vital, and far-too-often missing, part of the man’s role.
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Proverbs 31 is about wives, children and husbands
Our children have a marvelous future. We have to prepare them for it.
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Respect uplifts both the giver and receiver and is the spirit underlying the Ten Commandments.
A second grade student gets right to work as classes start at Greenwood Elementary School.
Parents, if you stay involved with your children, public school can be an opportunity to build in your child a love for education and a respect for right authority.
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It sets a firm foundation for everything you teach your child.
Raymond Wickware teaching Jude Flurry about gardening
An essential tool in relating to young people can change life’s entire course!
16x9(Building the Eternal Marriage)
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Each Pentecost we remember how the Church of God was founded in A.D. 31 and the reason for its existence. Here’s a vital lesson from the creation account concerning the marriage between Jesus Christ and the Church. 
16x9(Genesis and the two trees marriage)
Young wedding couple enjoying romantic moments outside in summer park
Beautiful lessons from the Garden of Eden about the most important institution on earth.
16x9(The royal vision in teaching your children)
God wants to turn your family into a perfect picture of his master plan!
Herbert. W. Armstrong College students enjoy a date on campus
Whether you are single, married, distant or down the street, here are some tips to freshen up your next dating experience.
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Hurried preparation for the DUB is not conducive to the proper teaching of children.
16x9(Memoirs from a shut-in single)
Writing letter to a friend. Selective focus and shallow depth of field.
Dating online has helped me build friendships and grow spiritually.
16x9(Marriage counseling and engagement)
Marriage Counseling and Engagement
16x9(Don't have this conversation with your date)
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Steer your discussion into safer waters.
16x9(How does emotion affect your dating)
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It can be a great blessing—or a terrible curse.
16x9(Godly dating protects you) Singles Bible Study for brethren of the Philadelphia Church of God at Armstrong Auditorium.
God has to know that He comes first in your life.
16x9(Parents and children potential)
Father and young daughter reading together
They possess dazzling promise. Be honest: 
Will your parenting 
help them attain it?
16x9(Be not afraid)
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You could be dating toward marriage, but you’re not.
16x9(Teach your children about God)
Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on October 20.
16x9(Value of Obedience)
God values obedience. Do you?