swans in flight
God works out even the smallest details.
It’s not easy, but it is worth it.
Poppy field
Your part in God’s Work can be a light.
Broken Hour Glass. Adding color proccessed which might add some noise to darker areas.
Are you using it effectively?
Miss Joy
What I learned from de-boning chicken wings
smarter kid
If you have ever said, “I’ll never be good at that,” you need to change your thinking.
Brain Hack
And the hackers admit it!
TE June 2018 cover
How diligently are you training for your future?
Dwight Falk
Modern technology—a blessing and a curse
Set your heart on the heart of the next world capital!
A key to being happy
Confirming the truth of God’s Word a stone at a time
The light that came out of the open doorway.
What I learned from a job interview
Small and lonely caucasian baby girl or toddler looking out of old wooden cabin window to suggest poverty or recession
How to handle when things don’t go your way
Mr. Armsrong, Dr. Mazar and Dr. Farrow overlook the exposed remains of centuries of history.
Smash those stones.
Old rusty shovel in sand on building.
The partnership between a religious leader and an archaeologist—and its value to young people
A gavel rests on sounding block next to a brass scale of justice in front of a long row of law books on a desk in a law office. Photographed with a very shallow depth of field.
Understand the price and process of forgiveness.
little shy girl looking behind red curtain on stage
A few lessons from a public display of patriotism
Two representative stone tablets with the ten commandments inscribed on them on an isolated dark ethereal background
Here’s the one phobia you really need.
Accident car crash with bicycle on road
One second to impact …
Two Boys Playing Games sitting on the floor in front of TV
A look back at a classic monologue from 1965.
Young boy or girl is standing on a diving board and ready to jump
How my attitude toward PYC took a 180-degree turn for the better
Teenage girl with flower looking into the mirror
A lot of people are quite negative about it. But it is a wonderful gift from God.
Young lady studying the Word of God
Fresh homemade yeast dough
The spiritual lessons we can learn from leaven