Public and private school students watch Heidi the musical in Ambassador Auditorium. Tradition revived with Jeremiah musical at Armstrong Auditorium.
Illustration from TE March-April 2018
Make God’s law real—so you can teach it!
A lesson from the front lines of World War I
Israel flag with a view of old city Jerusalem and the KOTEL- Western wall
A long history of war in this city will end in peace for all eternity!
Missile System and Radar - 3D Rendering
Proof that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men
water glass on wooden table
With a single protruding index finger, he nudged the cup forward …
The passenger is waiting at the airport
All you have to do is ask.
Why you need, and why you should WANT, the greatest power in the universe!
Beach, camera
A thousand words about a picture
Proud male teenage Caucasian soccer player holds up the tournament winning trophy after game. He is also wearing a medal around his neck and holding a soccer ball. He has red hair and is wearing a green uniform. Soccer players are in the background.
Learn to aim high in setting and achieving the right goals.
Football Stadium
No one—except the 1992-1993 Buffalo Bills—thought it could be done.
16x9(David and God)
Here’s how to live an exciting, enjoyable and fun life
Moving Boxes
What I learned from a watery trial
Chimp Think
Why you shouldn’t rely on your human heart
Horses Mouth
God will provide exactly what you need.
Aged hourglass with flowing sand.
It’s natural to focus on your problems—but the majority of your prayers should be on something else.
Campus Building.jpg
Do you know what God’s Work is all about?
16x9(Mr. Armstrong on plane)
God’s modern method of preaching the gospel to the world
Book and Laptop
Hit the books!
Father and Son Kite
Make Him real!
Coral Macro
A weird and wonderful inhabitant of the underwater world
Boy Staring
Training for kingship involves more than learning which fork to use.
Gold Compass
Education doesn’t come only from books.
Book with Light
Do you know where to go for limitless wisdom?
Ballet Dancer Top
What’s better—a ballerina, or a princess?