Girl (9 years) playing softball, standing on pitcher's mound.
Do you have dry bones?
Laughing girl with daisy in her hairs, showing thumbs up.
A merry heart does good like a medicine.
Arctic fox, Vulpes lagopus, also known as the white fox, polar fox or snow fox, sitting, panting, isolated on white
This one essential similarity connects two very different creatures.
Homemade Flour Indian Paratha Bread Ready to Eat
One simple, positive and profound step the spring holy days teach us
Inca Vs Spainish
Learn to rely on God instead.
Baker shot in bakery, with warm bread just out of the oven
Are you focused on the lessons of these days?
Sunset at DAPAC
How is your Sabbath-keeping?
overhead shot of marathon
What running the OKC Memorial Marathon taught me about our spiritual race
Professional female athlete sprinting from blocks on numbered start line on outdoor athletics track on olympic stadium full of spectators under a dramatic evening sky. Sprinter is wearing generic athletics kit.
Do you strive for success in everything you do?
low key image of trophy over wooden table and dark background, with abstract shiny lights
The best trophy is one you can’t see.
Teen Daniel
What two biblical teens can teach us about dealing with changes and challenges
Old French tanks in Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam. DBP is a city in northwestern Vietnam, best known for the battle during the First Indochina War.
A lesson in underestimating the enemy
What is the lesson of the bundle of sticks?
x-ray hand on black background
Why you should be glad that you have bones
Open book in the rays of the setting sun against the background of tree silhouettes. Knowledges are an inexhaustible source of wisdom and inspiration
Are you ready to answer for it?
red stand mixer mixing white cream, kitchen
What I learned from making a no-bake cheesecake
Half shell oyster with precious pearl
Have you found any?
Baseball on the Chalk Line of the Infield
Adam Greenberg’s Major League Baseball career is a story of unmatched perseverance.
A high school age girl is holding the Bible and is reading it with her fellow classmates during a Bible study.
Could you explain to someone what you believe?
Unseen man about to kick a football
Why we should listen to our elders
Big male lion isolated on white.
God uses today to train us for tomorrow.
Detail of a Periodic table on a blackboard with chalk
What the “Chemical Prophet” can teach us about perfectionism
Close up Bare Hand of a Man Covering Small Flowers at the Garden with Sunlight Between Fingers.
What does it really mean to be sanctified and preserved?
world war one trench belgium flanders
How a meeting that never took place saved a life
Lonely woman watching sunset alone in winter on the beach at sunset
God personally selected your parents or grandparents to be called out of this world—but are you that important to Him?