Young man tends to a batch of marijuana plants.
Another Generation Goes to Pot
With a growing marijuana culture, are you sure you know the facts?
The Significance of the Hezekiah Bulla
The official seal of a Judean king holds a moving message for God’s people and for the whole world.
Life is Good?
The Christian life isn’t always easy.
Man with bead and long hair stands outside. He wears historic clothes and could be a vking or a knigth. He holds a metal helmet under one of his arms. In his right hand he holds a sword.
End-time Mighty Men
Studying the works of David’s mighty men can aid our growth.
Is Your Food Sin?
Spiritual truth about your physical diet, delivered by the end-time Elijah
Ben changing directions_8102167-3.jpg
Are You Excited About Change?
Do you as an individual desire to change?
The active galaxy NGC 1275 lies at the center of the cluster of galaxies known as the Perseus Cluster. By combining multi-wavelength images into a single composite, the dynamics of the galaxy are more easily visible. In this composite image, X-rays from Chandra are shown in violet and reveal the presence of a black hole at the center of NGC 1275. Optical data from Hubble is depicted in red, green, and blue, and radio emission in pink traces the jets generated from the central black hole.
John’s Formula for Understanding the Bible
Get the vision ‘from the beginning.’
Not Just One More Thing to Squeeze In
Find the motivation to exercise.
Your Part in Building Compassion
Learn to think like God toward those who are suffering
Jeremiah, Psalm 119 and the Law of God
Meditating on the aspects of the law discussed in this Psalm shows us how to never allow Satan to rule us. How well versed are you in that law? How much do you love it?
The Palm Tree and You
This common tree has a lot to teach us about our eternal future.
Christian Meditation Explained
Meditation is a powerful tool. Learn why and how to use it.
Honesty crossword_8102642a.jpg
Keep Your Word
Learn how to follow through on what you say the way God does.
Honesty crossword_8102642.jpg
Four Steps to Becoming a Person of Your Word
Here’s a simple program to help you stay faithful to your word.
Back lit image of two businessmen arguing
Embrace Confrontation
Do not selfishly neglect this powerful tool for restraining evil.
man climbing on mountain in the morning.
You Have an Office in God’s House
God is preparing an incredible future position for you.
Schoolboy writing chemical equation on blackboard
How Close to Success Are You?
Could you push through for one more day?
Man wearing protective workwear and cutting tree by using chainsaw in forest.
He Chopped Down My Mighty Oak
The wisdom of Proverbs 18:17
16x9 (Don't waste time)
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Don’t Waste Your Time
Like so many other valuable resources in society, time has been abused and wasted. How valuable is your time? Are you using it effectively?
Soccer player about to kick a soccer ball.
A Lesson I Learned From Being Mediocre
Jealousy gets you nowhere.
Anxious young woman rests her head on he hands in a stresfull moment. Very shallow DoF - focus is on hereyes and forehead.
Burning Incense
‘Our primary focus in life must be on how we talk to God in prayer!’
Top view portrait of two happy smiling kids lying on green grass. Cheerful brother and sister laughing together.
Teach Your Child Self-Control
It sets a firm foundation for everything you teach your child.
Image relative to politic situation between great britain and european union. Politic process named as brexit
Remember This Day
This day—June 23, 2016—is a pivotal day in world history.
Hiker in black on the rocky peak. Wonderful daybreak in mountains, heavy orange mist in deep valley. Man sit on the rock and watch over the fog .
God Looks at Your Heart
If we’re going to be leaders for God, we must let Him teach us to look on the heart.
Young woman reading the Bible. Focus on the Bible.
What Is a Saint?
Few have ever checked the Bible to know whether they are, can be, or ever will be saints.

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Overcome Discouragement
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Christian teenager in his daily devotional. Young man reading the Holy Bible
Does Your Bible Study Benefit You?
A measuring tool for determining whether you’re gaining all you can from God’s Word.
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Why Meditation?
Your mind is like your stomach: It constantly needs to be fed.
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Celebrating a special day. Side view image of a cupcake with multicolored confetti as a frame and bright glasses on the background
Happy Birthday To Me?
Why Bible-believing Christians should question the practice of celebrating birthdays.
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Do Christmas Trees Honor Christ?
Have you ever wondered why people go through the effort of bringing evergreen trees into their homes, decorating them with ornaments year after year?
When Was Christ Born?
Most believe that Jesus Christ was born on December 25. What does the Bible say about the timing of Christ’s birth?
The Mystery of the Two Trees
The very first instruction God gave to Adam was about the two trees, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Have you ever stopped to think about that? Why would the two trees be the most important thing that God could teach him at that time when he didn’t really know anything?
16x9(Sin is)
woman reading the bible in the darkness over wooden table
Sin Is … Are You Sure You Know?
To enjoy the blessings God wants to give us, we must 
deeply understand the way of life to avoid. 
16x9(True Gospel)
What Is the True Gospel?
From the Bible Correspondence Course Staff
A photo of a galaxy. Who was Christ before His physical birth?
Who Was Jesus Before His Human Birth?
A photo woman studying the Bible, looking for what God says about predestination.
What Is ‘Predestination’?
Does the Bible say we are prejudged before we are born? Has God already decided if humans are guilty or innocent even before they act?
Folding Hands over a Bible
Seven Keys on How to Pray
Prayer does work and God does listen.
16x9(Man looking at stars)
How Great is God Compared To Man?
How much water can you cup in your hands? God measured Earth’s oceans in the palm of His hand!
Sun rays beaming through the clouds
The Truth About the Secret Rapture
Will Christ’s Second Coming occur in two phases? The Bible’s teaching is crystal clear.
16x9(Is God a trinity)
Is God a Trinity
Do you know the true nature of God?
16x9(Is smoking sin?)
Burning cigarette smoking on ashtray
Is Smoking a Sin?
God clearly states in the Sixth Commandment: ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ Smoking endangers not only your own life, but also affects the lives of others. In this article, we will prove that smoking is a sin!
Photo of road going through cemetry, where people lie buried that will be resurrected in one of three resurrections found in the Bible.
The Three Resurrections
What does the Bible tell us about the resurrections.
Philadelphia Youth Camp (PYC), Edmond, Oklahoma
What Is Philadelphia Youth Camp?
144 campers, 12 dorms, 3 weeks, one family—PYC
16x9(We are what we eat)
fresh fruits on wooden table
We Are What We Eat
Is it wrong to get sick? Have actual laws been broken? Understanding the answers is vital to a rewarding, spiritually enriching life!
16x9(Bible Misunderstood)
Why the Bible Is ‘So Misunderstood’
And how you can begin to understand it 
16x9(Alcohol consumption)
Is Alcohol Consumption a Sin?
You can prove from your Bible that consuming alcohol is not a sin.
16x9(Feast of Tabernacles)
The Feast of Tabernacles
In the 1980’s Feast of Tabernacles was known as the “largest convention on earth” with over 80 locations and 100,000 attendees.
16x9(Real Abundant Living)
This Is the Life! Real Abundant Living
Do you know how to live fully–abundantly? In this article you will learn how you may taste the joys of real abundant living.
16x9(Authority of the Bible)
The Authority of the Bible
Can you prove that the Bible speaks with divine authority? If so, why is it the most misunderstood book in all history? What keys can we use to unlock its meaning? This lesson will enrich your study of the greatest of all books!
Praying Hands Man & Bible
What Is Prayer?
People pray. A lot. But how many know what prayer is?