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The Plain Truth About the Trinity Doctrine
The traditional teaching of Christianity is that God is a trinity. Did you know that this doctrine isn’t found anywhere in the Bible?
God’s Holy Day Plan
Does the Bible establish whether we are to keep certain days holy to God? Were these days given for ancient Israel only? The biblical answers may shock you!
The Mystery of the Church
Jesus Christ established God’s true Church almost 2,000 years ago. Discover the purpose for God’s true Church. Learn what sets it apart from the rest.
The Queen of Sheba before the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem
A House of Prayer
We must be a praying people—a temple of prayer.
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The Doctrine of Baptisms
A survey of one of the Church’s fundamental doctrines
Answered Prayer
As hurricanes and fires wreck and ravage America, the question must be asked: Is God answering our prayers? Discover the vital key to answered prayer.
King of the North & WWIII
This world is rapidly moving toward another World War. Did you know the Bible prophesies that there will be a World War III? It will be the last war ever fought on this planet. When it is over, the inhabitants of this Earth will never see another war!
Great Again
Following the U.S. presidential election, the political conversation has centered on Donald Trump’s promise to make America great again. Will he succeed? America will return to glory, but not because of any man.
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What’s Wrong With ‘NEW’ Bible Translations?
Over the past several decades, many new Bible translations have been released. Several of these newer translations are gaining wide acceptance across many religious fields. Are these new translations more accurate than the King James Version?
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The Sin of Idleness
Even in harder economic times, people are addicted to idleness and ease. Here is how it is hurting us.
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God’s Law on Your Finances
Most people in today’s Western societies worship a god. Sadly, that god is money! They serve it, obey it, they strive above all else to obtain more of it.
Stressed Man
Managing Your Stress Substance Free
Don’t stress, be positive!
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The Truth About Suicide
Some call it self-deliverance. Others call it murder. Survivors know it as a nightmare that haunts them forever. Here’s the truth about its cause—and ultimate solution.
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The True History Behind the King James Bible
There was one single goal: Give everyone the opportunity to become a Bible student!
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The Hebrew Calendar’s Authority Proved! —By Christ’s Death and Resurrection
The validity of the Hebrew calendar is proven.
The End Time Elijah Has Come and Gone
The Bible speaks of an Elijah type to appear in this end time. Who is that man? Has he come already? This Elijah was prophesied to proclaim a family message just before the great and dreadful Day of the Lord. If he has come already, then a time of unparalleled suffering is rapidly approaching.
Sand dunes on Libyan Desert. The Sahara Desert is the world's largest hot desert.
The Place of Safety: The World Tomorrow In Embryo!
Great leaders like Winston Churchill and Douglas MacArthur have made statements about how we must solve the problem of nuclear power if we are to survive.
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What Do You Mean ‘Rewarded According to Works’?
Few even professing ‘Christians’ understand the difference between being ‘saved by GRACE’ and ‘rewarded according to WORKS.’
The America Europe Financial Crisis
America and Europe are in financial crisis, just look at the news reports on the economy. In 2008, America almost collapsed financially. Here’s what Nancy Pelosi wrote in USA Today back in September 17, 2013:
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Is All Animal Flesh Good for Food?
Can we really eat anything?
Mystery of the Angels and Evil Spirits
Winston Churchill once said that the history of man is the history of war. Wars are killing tens of thousands of people around the world every year. Yet, the most important war of all goes unseen. Discover how spiritual armies are fighting for control of human minds.
16x9(Why MOA is important)
Why Mystery of the Ages Is Important
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The Sabbath Rest
Proper Sabbath-keeping helps us think like God!
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Royal Vision magazine
Recently Gerald Flurry promoted Royal Vision magazine to Trumpet readers and viewers of the Key of David.
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What Is the True Gospel?
From the Bible Correspondence Course Staff