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What are the differences between men and women?
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God’s choice of Rachel to vividly illustrate end-time prophecy about Israel gives us deep insight into her life and important history
Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong (1947)
Never was there a more crucial time for teen girls to know the answer to this question.
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Does God put females at a spiritual or intellectual disadvantage?
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Submission is something to be enjoyed.
Mother and daughter (8-9) with baskets in domestic garden.
Consider the God-given role of a Christ-like wife as expounded in the Scriptures.
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Are we steadfast when it comes to following our spiritual mother?
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No moment in a wedding is more anticipated than the entrance of the bride.
Illustration Ruth looking towards a town
When the Moabitess Ruth married Boaz, she needed a role model—an example of a true Israelite woman to follow. She was pointed in the direction of two in the most unique way.
Rebekah and Eliezer at the well
God chose Rebekah to play a pivotal part in building the house of Jacob.
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Has the feminist movement, so proudly praised for servicing women, done a disservice to the family?
Boaz and Ruth, a scene from the bible. Engraving from 1870. Engraving by Gustave Dore, Photo by D Walker.
Holy character always produces great blessings.
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The beautiful reward for embracing God-given trial
A beautiful young woman smiling outdoorshttp://
What are the differences between men and women?
Ruth and Naomi
One of the Bible’s greatest illustrations of living faith occurred during the season of Pentecost. It is the story of Ruth. With the extreme turmoil in the world today, do we have the faith to follow Christ as He leads the Church?
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The day of Pentecost commemorates God’s people receiving God’s law and His Holy Spirit. But there is also an exciting prophecy about this day: It pictures the Church marrying Jesus Christ.