Beautiful young girl-volunteer and handsome old man are playing chess and smiling
Of all the words that describe the meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles for God’s people, perhaps one of the best is service.
Child holding candies
Give and teach giving, and you and your family will have a truly blessed and happy Feast.
Flight booking tips, Travel cost 16x9
Tips for PCG members to find affordable plane tickets
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Although his life seemed invaluable to God’s Work, the Work didn’t stop upon his death.
How well do you understand what God has given His Church concerning child rearing?
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David’s life unlocks something grand and wonderful! If we understand his life, it unlocks an unparalleled vision!
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What we can learn from the Bible’s most enigmatic woman
Close up of a happy  family playing at home
Here are seven steps to enhancing vitally important family relationships.
Multi-generation family portrait on a bridge in a forest
God is working so hard to get us to understand FAMILY!
champion golden trophy on wood table with blackboard copy space
Do you have what it takes to go for the gold?
Portrait HWA
Sometimes there are people in God’s Church like Korah, Aaron or Miriam—even Lucifer. They are UNHAPPY where God has placed them in His body.
Learn to think like God toward those who are suffering
A young hand touches and holds an old wrinkled hand
What real compassion for the poor looks like
Are you keeping God’s Sabbath Holy?
Open Bible
God instructs all men to remember His Sabbath day—yet it is the day mankind works hard to forget!
16x9(How is your Sabbath conversation?)
Do you uphold the Sabbath standard in your fellowship?
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A time of peace is coming.
16x9 (Rise Early)
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For God’s people, the most critical work of the day occurs before we leave for work.
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Carrying on the work of Herbert W. Armstrong
Mr Armstrong at ground-breaking ceremony
True religion shows that God works through one man at a time.
Father and son fixing doorknob
The job might take a little longer—but is it ever worth it.
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‘No dishonesty is worth the price I will have to pay for it—inward conflict and unhappiness.’
Teenager plays with an iPhone
Parents need to be aware of the dangers posed to teens by the glittering array of modern communications technologies available to them.
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A short meditation on Psalm 25:12-14
woman is sitting on the grass in public park
It is a gift to be able to meditate on God and His way of life.