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Confused by all the conflicting advice on food and nutrition out there? Don’t be. Healthy eating is simple.
A happy man outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.
Life is sustained through food, water and oxygen.
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With a growing marijuana culture, are you sure you know the facts?
Spiritual truth about your physical diet, delivered by the end-time Elijah
Find the motivation to exercise.
16x9(Sweetly Complete)
Honey stick
Here are some keys to improving your diet by replacing those refined sugars with some sweet alternatives.
16x9(Fat Facts)
When it comes to fats, which ones should you eat and which ones should you avoid?
16x9(Soil:more than just dirt)
A lot of the problems in this world have their roots in poor soil quality. Re-creating healthy soil is at the foundation of overcoming disease and sickness.
16x9(Drink water)
If things suddenly get really bad for you, you could survive for a month or so without eating food. But without drinking water, you’ll last only about a week.
16x9(Important third law)
Without health one is direly handicapped, if not totally cut off from achievement.
16x9(Is smoking sin?)
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God clearly states in the Sixth Commandment: ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ Smoking endangers not only your own life, but also affects the lives of others. In this article, we will prove that smoking is a sin!
16x9(What you can do)
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With this installment, we conclude our series on nutrition.
16x9(The American Diet)
The scary results of foodless foods.
How can you balance out your diet?
16x9(Physical Health)
Following Mr. Armstrong’s example in health.
16x9(Your Body's normal condition)
Part 2 in a series of articles on diet and health.
16x9(We are what we eat)
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Is it wrong to get sick? Have actual laws been broken? Understanding the answers is vital to a rewarding, spiritually enriching life!
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As wonderful a blessing as anointing is, it must not be treated casually.
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Can we really eat anything?
A happy man outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.
Life is sustained through food, water and oxygen.
What are you doing right now? Whether you realize it or not, you’re probably engaged in a highly dangerous activity.
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You can live a healthier and happy life.
EDMOND—Can you imagine gulping down a third of a cup of sugar in one sitting? You probably have! …
Spring has sprung! Even though the weather can be wintry some days, it’s time to start working in the garden. Here are some tips for getting your plots ready to grow.
Sugar Dunes
“It seems like every time I study an illness and trace a path to the first cause, I find my way back to sugar,” Richard Johnson, a nephrologist at the University of Colorado-Denver, told National Geographic last year.