ACT MO Ladies Gala
TTC Awards
Dozens win prizes for drawing, photographing, performing and designing.
Ontario members walk through ice sculpture exhibit at Confederation Park
ACT NL Ladies' Gala 2.jpg
British-themed event reminds members of Club’s purpose.
ACT SW Fundraiser.jpg
Volunteers raise thousands for God’s Work.
ACT AR Picnic 2.jpg
ACT OH Seniors' Luncheon.jpg
Fourteen Central Florida volunteers pose in front of the Crows Nest, their main concession stand during the 2016 season.
IA Grad 16 by 9
Class of 2017 includes seven honor students, 11 incoming Herbert W. Armstrong College freshmen.
ACT Ohio Glow Golf
MEMBER Doris Blank
Fifty-two-year veteran of God’s Church has more than one harrowing life story.
ACT Banff Expedition
Trumpet Niklas Frank 16x9-4.jpg
German writer Niklas Frank meets staff, gives interviews.
Music Class 16x9.jpg
Armstrong Youth Orchestra and 30 private music and dance students perform at Armstrong Auditorium in end-of-semester recital.
Armstrong College Acceptance Letter
Known incoming students for the 2017-2018 school year
20170521_HWAC Graduation-16x9 a.jpg
17 sophomores and 17 seniors participate in 16th commencement exercises.
AC Recital 16 by 9
Imperial Academy and Herbert W. Armstrong College students perform end-of-semester recital.
Eroica Trio 16 by 9
Group finishes foundation’s 2016–2017 performing arts series.
YOUTH Heerma 16 by 9
Imperial Academy senior Caleb Heerma wins first in state, third in nation.
ACT NW Seniors 16 by 9
ACT NW Youth Soccer
Soccer training program in Oregon teaches young people the basics.
Phillips Lecture 1 16 by 9
British journalist speaks to hundreds about Arab-Israel impasse.
ACT FL Senior Dinner
ACT FL Dolphins Fundraiser
IA OKC Memorial 16 by 9
Students learn about 1995 terrorist attack at the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum.