Florida Spokesman Club Ladies Gala 2018 Group shot 16x9
Closeup of a young woman handing over her credit card to pay for some snacks at the concession stand in a movie theater, fundraiser, 16x9
Members work at three separate events as fundraiser
Elegant neighborhood and favela hill view of Guayaquil city, Ecuador 16x9
Carlos Heyer travels through Ecuador, Chile, and Peru.
Joseph Cup 2018, July 4, Team Manasseh 16x9
New KOD Station, ABC FreeForm 16x9
Rockford Spokesman's Club Gala 16x9
Amazon Smile Program 16x9
Online shopping website donates portion of purchase price to PCG
Student dessert social, Armstrong auditorium, swans in flight 16x9
IsaiahHezekiah Exhibit Grand Opening viewing artifacts, Armstrong Auditorium, June 10
Opening events include speeches from Member of the Knesset Michael Oren, archaeologist Eilat Mazar, and Armstrong International Cultural Foundation chairman Gerald Flurry
Teen Bunco Party 16 x 9
Hezekiah Isaiah Bulla Exhibit 16x9 A bulla that belonged to King Hezekiah (left) and a bulla that appears to have belonged to the Prophet Isaiah
Peurto Rico 16x9 (1 of 2).jpg
Small group of island members endure deadly “twin sisters”
JERU Isaiah Bulla 16x9.jpg
AICF Hezekiah Exhibit Construction (3 of 3).jpg
Exhibit to include 39 artifacts from eighth century B.C.
Abraham Oratorio 16x9 (16 of 20).jpg
business man putting money coins like growing graph with sun light in saving money and investor insurance concept over green background
A way to not only earn money but also show God your enthusiasm for His Work
The Armstrong Auditorium theater
AICF Staff Jump_1(16x9).jpg
IA History Field Trip 1(16x9).jpg
Students learn about 45th Infantry Division and Oklahoma firefighters.
ACT LA Silent Auction photo(16x9).jpg
Members bid on donated goodies, spiced oatmeal raisin cookies.
FLT Brazil Visit 4(16x9).jpg
Members, prospective members take advantage of opportunity to meet with Portuguese-speaking minister from headquarters.
Student Hires Portraits 16x9.jpg
Five seniors will join staff after graduating in May.
Edstone WW (1 of 5).jpg
Plane - Full size IMG_0867.jpg
Law that would have increased PCG aviation costs has been grounded.
Roku 16x9.jpg