Joel Hilliker
Proud male teenage Caucasian soccer player holds up the tournament winning trophy after game. He is also wearing a medal around his neck and holding a soccer ball. He has red hair and is wearing a green uniform. Soccer players are in the background.
Learn to aim high in setting and achieving the right goals.
Family Eating Meal In Open Plan Kitchen Together
The benefits are beyond measuring!
Aged hourglass with flowing sand.
It’s natural to focus on your problems—but the majority of your prayers should be on something else.
Boy Staring
Training for kingship involves more than learning which fork to use.
Portrait of a young winemaker in vineyard, toned.
When times get tough, your response makes all the difference.
16x9(How does emotion affect your dating)
Handsome Hispanic guy talking with a cute curly brunette at school
It can be a great blessing—or a terrible curse.
King N.jpg
Wise instruction on how to nurture the throne of David.
Portrait of two little children playing together outdoors
Learn to build people up.
Young handsome man leaning against grey wall with arms crossed. Cheerful man laughing and looking at camera with a big grin. Portrait of a happy young man standing with crossed arms over grey background.
It’s over 30 years old and completely timeless.
Woman holding senior woman's hand on bed
Seize the opportunity to think about others more the way God does!
lonely musical instrument which is a trumpet on a black background
We must take on the same attitude toward sin that God has!
Jigsaw puzzle close up. Blue tone for the mood.
You’ll never be a happy single until you see it—and fill it up with the right thing!
Entrance to the male and female toilet, stock photo
A great list to keep handy to improve your interactions with the opposite sex.
16x9(Your Role as an Intercessor)
An often overlooked daily duty
Men praying in the dark.
Do you have someone to trust for the right answer every time? You sure do!
Family Eating Meal In Open Plan Kitchen Together
An old song says, “You always hurt the one you love.” It illuminates what in many cases is a sad truth:
Layout and installation of roof rafters on a new commercial residential construciton project by framing contactors
An apostle of God gave some motivational advice for men—and followed it.
Happy family in the park evening light. The lights of a sun. Mom, dad and baby happy walk at sunset. The concept of a happy family.Parents hold the baby's hands.
Family requires sacrifice. Just ask God—He’s given everything for family.
Husband and wife hands on wedding, holding flowers.
A closer look at the detail in God’s law forbidding idolatry
navigating the new perils of the supermarket
A practical example of how to recognize and avoid ‘Satan’s devices’
A sad looking Coffee Cup on a brown rustic table.
Even after you quit it, sin can still have a hold on you.
Partial image of a male  farmer / gardener collecting carrot harvest on a summers day
The inspiring vision behind developing a Godly work ethic
One way to prepare yourself to embrace life’s challenges
Symbol of scales is made of stones on the boulder
Examine yourself for this pernicious form of hypocrisy.
HWA - all the desires of your heart
God has laws, but does that mean He doesn’t want us to have the desires of our heart?