The nature of animals will be changed in the Millennium, but humans will have to learn the way of peace.
Soon, all of mankind will be at one with the mind of God.
The lion, the lamb, the little child—and you
16x9(Wonderful World for Youth)
Group Of Girls Hanging Out In Mall Together
What will you be doing?
lavender flower field in sunset
Young People: Do you know what you’ll be doing in the Millennium?
Man was created to have rule and authority over the natural world.
Soon, the world will be enveloped with complete peace and harmony.
Diverse group of teens studying the Bible.
You can have an impact.
Edward Lear Painting Jerusalem
Capture the vision of Earth’s future headquarters!
Bring Honor Small
Honoring the Family name at the Feast of Tabernacles
Chiribabwes Feast Planning
Create highlights and make memories—starting this year!
Auditorium sunset
What to anticipate at any Feast site
hubble s t
Revealing our awesome universe potential
Artist's Concept of Voyager
An adventure 40 years in the making
Reading a book on the beach at sunset
24/7—every need supplied
Ten men risked their lives to save thousands.
20180726_6G Water skiing_0892.jpg
There are no sharks in here, right?
20180728_Boys Basketball all stars_8107670.jpg
Campers continue to show their skills in the All-Star games.
Girls Soccer all stars 16x9.jpg
All-Stars kicks off with flag football and volleyball.
Wacky Games 16x9.jpg
It’s just called Wacky Games, but there is definitely water involved.
20180726_PYC 4B speech_8509292.jpg
The gray-shirted boys of dorm 4B faced their faces and delivered ten six-minute speeches.
20180726_PYC 1B Football_8509264.jpg
The orange-clad campers of dorm 1B climbed out of an early hole to obtain flag football glory.
Philadelphia Youth Camp 2018 Etiquette Night Dorms 1 and 6 16x9
Campers enjoy the most formal meal served at camp.
20180722_PYC Track Meet_8508376.jpg
“On your mark, get set … go!”
20180716_PYC Bible Bowl_8507733.jpg
Campers were challenged on their biblical knowledge in the 2018 Bible Bowl.
20180725_2B Softball_8508954.jpg
The light-blue representatives of 2B didn’t let a big early deficit keep them down.
20190207_3B Group shot_0438.jpg
The greenies were left feeling blue after a narrow defeat.