Group of kindergarten kids friends arm around sitting together
God’s youth are a part of His Family.
Closeup portrait of a ballerina's feet in Pointe shoes
Be ready to embrace the opportunities God gives you.
Cockpit of an homemade Flight Simulator - Concept of aerospace industry development - Flying simulation school for aviation learning pilots
PYC is an important part of your training.
barbed wire fence and wall
My experience from visiting Dachau
young woman rock climber hands climbing at seaside mountain cliff rock
That cliff may not be as high as it looks.
Preparing gingerbread dough for Christmas Baking
A sweet lesson about following instructions
PCOG - 03n.jpg
The value of a concordance
Pink school backpack with white dots isolated on white.
It wasn’t that special after all.
business man with luggage waiting in the airport
A witness to the flight business
20170723_PYC Awards night_8107827.jpg
You know a lot. What will you do with it?
20170722_PYC boys basketball all stars_0246.jpg
The final days of PYC culminate in athletic showdowns.
6B Group Portrait
The blue-man group tossed water balloons, wrestled, splashed, dove and slid for over an hour.
20170718 5B 20170718_5B Flag Football_9785.jpg
The barbarians of 5B play flag football.
20170720_1G Canoeing_0056.jpg
The orange-clad 1G braves the wind in canoeing class.
20170718 _2B Speech_9765.jpg
All 10 campers boldly faced mankind’s number-one fear: public speaking.
3B Water Polo 20170714_3B Water Polo_9625.jpg
The greenies swam to an early lead, then held off a late 1B charge.
1B Soccer 20170714_1B Soccer_9529.jpg
The orange campers clashed with 4B in a close soccer battle.
2017 Etiquette IMG_0021.jpg
A look at the best meal served during PYC.
3G Dance 20170714_3G Dance Class_9294.jpg
The green shirts of 3G show their joy by moving to music.
20170713  Basketball_9042.jpg
The boys in dark gray come up short in a quest for victory.
Work Party 20170712 _PYC Office Tour-8907.jpg
A sneak peek inside God’s Work
Softball 4G—4
4G plays its second softball game.
5g2017 072420170714_5G Volleyball_9179.jpg
The girls of 5G have fun playing a loud game on the court.
20170712 6G Cycling_8858.jpg
The girls of 6G race the clock on the cycling course.
20170710 Bible Bowl_8107695.jpg
Campers show off their biblical knowledge by hitting a big red button.