20180712_PYC 3G Track Practice_8507330.jpg
3G has five activities at once.
20180712_PYC 1G Cycling_8507141.jpg
New bikes, happy campers and … dancing?
20180716_PYC 5G Water Polo_8507541-2.jpg
5G versus the traffic cones.
20180717_PYC 6G Swimming_8507903.jpg
6G dives right in to their last swim class.
20180712_Teen Talent Finals_8507430.jpg
Campers and members of the local congregation watch Teen Talent Contest music and dance finalists on “the big screen” in Armstrong Auditorium.
Stick Night
120 campers stick to stating their goals.
Camp Director Wayne Turgeon delivers the PYC orientation lecture.
When campers come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.
PYC Campers cheering at stick night.
Prepare now for the best camp ever.
A young boy looking thru a telescope at sunset with his father.
Develop a more vivid picture of your Father in heaven.
Girl using laptop computer at home, smiling to camera
A lesson from an Imperial onliner
church family
If you’re not building it up, who will?
A group of friends jump from cliffs into the lake.
A lesson in overcoming fear
work encouragement
Three steps to learning the give way—helping others and yourself!
swans in flight
God works out even the smallest details.
It’s not easy, but it is worth it.
Poppy field
Your part in God’s Work can be a light.
Broken Hour Glass. Adding color proccessed which might add some noise to darker areas.
Are you using it effectively?
Miss Joy
What I learned from de-boning chicken wings
smarter kid
If you have ever said, “I’ll never be good at that,” you need to change your thinking.
Brain Hack
And the hackers admit it!
TE June 2018 cover
How diligently are you training for your future?
Dwight Falk
Modern technology—a blessing and a curse
Set your heart on the heart of the next world capital!
A key to being happy
Confirming the truth of God’s Word a stone at a time